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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. MuppetFace
    I'd just like to say that as someone who is borderline obsessed with having wood on her headphones, the LCD is really beautiful. I'll be proud to put them on display along side my various Audio-Technica woodies.
    I'm sure it's been mentioned countless times, but could someone please tell me:
    1.) What type of wood is used for the rims of the ear cups? Also 2.) is the wood's finish different from pair to pair, or is it fairly consistent?
  2. DefectiveAudioComponent
    No. They are all slightly different. Both wood and finish.
    I like i though. The charm of hand-made products. All are like individuals [​IMG]
    By the way, haven't you heard that real beauty comes from inside?
    Here is a picture of one:
    You can zoom in on it here.

  3. MuppetFace

    Now, now. No need for that. I don't actually have my LCD-2 yet, so I can't gush about how nice they sound just yet. [​IMG]
  4. Paganini Alfredo
    What you haven't heard? They sound like garbage.
  5. grokit
    Very nice photo, DAC. How do you enable the zoom feature when posting an image?
    Another question, I forgot if the ends of the cable that go into the earcups of the LCD-2 are 4-pin mini-XLR male or female?
  6. Permagrin
    The cable ends are of the feminine persuasion.
  7. MuppetFace
    I am always enamored by things that are lovingly assembled by hand. The fact that each LCD-2 has a slightly different look in wood grain gives each a mark of individuality, and I prefer it that way.
    Any LCD-2 fan know the species of wood used?
  8. Equus
    Carribean Rosewood, according to the site: http://www.audeze.com/2010/05/lcd-2/
    And yes, there are definite differences in the wood grain from unit to unit.  Alex pointed this out to me in Portland, when he mentioned that I had one with nice character, then showed me one of the other pairs that were there as an example.  The wood grain on mine has a slightly darker finish and fairly wide grain with curves, while the other pair I saw the grain pattern was much tighter and looked more like a bunch of somewhat straight parallel lines.  I don't spend much time staring at the ear cups, so it was interesting to note.
    But you will, as soon as you hear them. And gush, and gush, and ......


  10. MuppetFace
    New headphones always smell nice, but wow, when I opened the LCD-2 wooden box for the first time I was greeted by the most pleasant smelling headphones ever. They look good. They sound good. And yes, they even smell good.
    I've been enjoying my LCD-2, though as I mentioned in the other thread, my ears are still adjusting to the sound. The level of detail reminds me a bit of the O2, which is certainly a good thing. I think I'm encountering the phenomena that some have described as the "wall" at lower volume levels though. If I listen at higher volumes than I normally do it seems to be less prevalent. Someone described these are great low-volume cans, but right now I can't exactly agree. At higher volumes they are really nice to my ears.
    Comfort-wise these headphones are fine. The clamping pressure isn't bothersome to me, nor is the weight for moderate-lengthed listening sessions. They are no more uncomfortable than any other full sized headphones I've tried, all of which are designed more with male proportions in mind.
    I'm definitely going to upgrade the stock cable at some point. The microphonics are getting a little annoying: the course material of the jacket rubs up against my blouse and makes unpleasant noise.
    I have some time off this week, so I'm going to definitely listen more and then post some better, more detailed thoughts on what I hear. I'll probably post any of my future impressions in this thread, since the other one seems to mostly consist of people asking about the shipping schedule and debating the sales of wooden grills now.

  11. SillyHoney
    I received the cable from Tigz today. It was like WOW. I did not expect it to be that good looking. Everything is more beautiful than those of the stock one. And I'm happy with that since I always felt that LCD-2 deserve a better looking cable [​IMG]
    The mini-XLR are attached much more firmly to my LCD-2 rather than the stock cable especially on the right mini-XLR where sometimes I got "disconnected" sound issue[​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    It also feel like... nothing in term of weight. I feel much more comfortable now given my space is too small and way too inconvenient for the ugly, heavy, bulky and stiff*y* stock cable.
    The item is professionally packed too.
    More on sound later, if I ever notice any difference w/ my uDac-2 as an Amp/DAC combo lol. This is my first after market cable ever by the way.
    And pics come later too. I need to borrow my friend's Nikon 90D to shoot some nice pics [​IMG]
    The cable is the DHC 24 gauge stranded OCC copper which is made by Tigz and was using by himself on his own LCD-2.
    Disclaimer: Trevor is a brilliant guy. He sold me his *using on LCD-2* cable because I was under SP Wild recommendation. The cable was sold for just under the price of parts and shipping.
  12. SP Wild
    Hey Silly Honey...is it this cable here that you bought?

    What struck me first about these pictures is that a cloth was laid down, before placing his headphones down - I am exactly the same...none of my cans are ever placed on a hard surface without a protective buffer.  I hope for your sake, that this attention to detail is carried through with his cable construction.
    I passed up his very good looking solid silver and mogami cable when he told me UPOCC sounded the best with LCD2s...so now I am saving up hard for the ALO 8 strand UPOCC.  They're quite dear but should be worth it, hopefully.  But first, I need to upgrade my amp.
  13. SillyHoney
    I believe it's that cable except for the balanced XLR terminate as Trevor has replaced it with 1/4" jack.
    He also said that this cable can rival the ALO one. And he seems trustful enough lol.
    And I'm kinda the guy who baby every piece of my technology equipment too [​IMG]
  14. oqvist
    I love piano out of the LCD-2. I have been depressed not being able to find anything better then the Pro 900 for that instrument but the LCD-2 manage it superbly. Just don´t be crazy with volume or you will get to know exactly how piano sounds when you stuck your head into one [​IMG].
  15. Equus


    Agreed.  On some good recordings and with a good rig, I get the sound of the percussive impact as well as the sound of the string resonating.  Loves it.
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