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Audeze LCD-2 Closed

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by Ishcabible, Jul 13, 2018.
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  1. jmpsmash
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  2. straleno
    Elegia. They’re smaller, lighter, the clamp is gentler, and the pads don’t make my ears feel as warm. If you move around, they stay in position better. I can kind of forget they’re on, which generally isn’t the case with the LCD-2CB. But to me it really isn’t a huge difference, the LCDs are very comfortable. Before getting them I was concerned about the weight, but it just hasn’t been an issue. I’ve worn them for hours at a time just fine.
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  3. JamieCole
    I'd echo this statement but add that I like the LCD2 closed back pads much better. I'm not a fan of microfiber. The pads on the LCD2 closed backs are thick and supple. Also, the seal on the LCD2 closed backs is incredible. It's one of the first headphones where I can wear my glasses and not feel like I'm sacrificing too much of the frequency response.
  4. straleno
    Oh, yes, good call out—I’ve had this problem with many headphones, but the Audeze pads are so thick and plush they just kind of envelop my glasses and make a good seal.
  5. JamieCole
    As a follow-up... The LCD2 Closed Back's fair better than the Elegia in the 'can my wife hear them' test. They aren't the most isolating closed back I've ever owned (the Ultrasone Signature series wins here) but best the Elegia in my listening environment.

    Also, these have been my favorite closed back straight out of the box. I'm pairing them with the RME ADI-2 DAC and am quite taken back by how amazing they sound. Meaty, textured bass, present mids, and extended but non-sibilant highs. They're super clean and musical to my ears. It's been a lot of fun revisiting my music library. Highly recommended for sure.

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  6. spraggih
    This is exactly how I felt about the Elegia!* It sounds like the perfect phone in many ways, but I needed a little more weight and warmth and so the LCD-2** closed back is better for me. Great way to communicate it. I will say the Meze 99s are in the same category as the LCD-2, but for $200-$300 it is one of the greatest closed back headphone values. I'm starting to compare the LCD-2 closed back to the LCD-XC. I'm not so sure about the LCD-XC but it's really soon.

    * - oh, that Elegia cord is so thick and so short. The cord is like a job with low competitive pay and a bad boss-- you ask yourself: why am I trying to make this work?
    ** - this is with the Chord DACs so it may not be wholly fair as Chord DACs have mad synergies with Audeze cans
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  7. JamieCole
    Do let us know what your long term listening impressions are. In my time with the XC and LCD2CB, I found the XC to have a slightly wider soundstage and increased treble presence (which might account for a portion of the soundstage increase). They seemed similar in many ways but I detected a smoother frequency curve with the LCD2CB's that my ears liked more. But, sheesh, the XC's are a handsome headphone.

    I should also add that I had no way of knowing if the XC's I auditioned included the revision in 2016. :\
  8. spraggih
    Yeah, I definitely plan to report back. But I think your sense is right. I guess the hard things between these two phones is they seem to have very different sensitivity Plus, they open up at different volumes so getting them to both bloom on the same tracks at the same time is difficult. But the details or treble seems to be stronger on the XC- I thought it was a lack of bass on the XCs but when I play a frequency track the bass is there (I think more in the XCs).

    • But the LCD2CB sounds/feels like a more fun phone
    • But the XC seems more like an audiophile phone (more of a jack of all trades)
    • But the LCD2CB is cheaper and is easier to drive
    • But the XC is so beautiful (you're right)
  9. spraggih
    I guess the XC is a philosophical concern. I mean it feels like Audeze is trying to make an audiophile grade closed back phone. I don't think that's a good strategy because the use case for closed back is (I think) people who want high quality but a fun phone. Think about it:
    • I'm on a train and I'm about to go into work. I need to get myself jazzed up.
    • I'm home next to my better half and I'm only wearing because s/he doesn't like the sound/bleed, so I am sacrificing so I want to have fun/bob my head to music
    • I'm at work (in the office) trying to get this work done-- and I want to get that energy flowing
    I know I'm over-generalizing, but I think there may be some merit to my thinking.

    So... this is the LCD2CB thread and staying on topic- not just because of price but because of sound signature and use case, the LCD2CB may generate more interest than the the XC. Some, will "upgrade" to the XC just to not worry if they're missing out on something or because they love holding woodies in their hand (wait, that didn't sound right :ksc75smile: )

    But in terms of electronica and ambient sounds, the XC bests the LCD2CB-- but at $200-$400 difference is that worth it as I'm on the bus, train, in the office?
  10. mixman
    You are also missing another element...... Studio guys, who want high quality closed back sound for isolation. The LCD-X is already popular with the studio crowd and the CC is just a closed alternative to the same sound. Since it is a little more sterile that makes it a little better for studio work. This is why I am am investigating both of these headphones, but I am leaning to the XC for its more neutral top end.
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  11. Lohb
    Anyone found particulary good balanced portable amps that go well with the LCD2CB ?

    Looking to stack something with the Hiby R3 soon and thought iBasso PB3 would just do it touching almost 0.5 watt per channel.
    My Cayin C5 (0.88 watts per channel) gets them quite loud at volume pot 4 and high gain...but the C5 does not have the best soundstage or imaging/separation.
    The HiFiMAN Supermini had stellar imaging and separation on balanced, but at just below 0.3 watts per channel it was just below that headroom sweetspot.
    Power efficiency really good on the LCD line now.
    Ideally you want that headroom of 1 watts per channel at least on desktop set-up.. but for mobile its not happening as far as I know, unless you had an old school iBasso PB2 etc.
    Interested in anything else than PB3 which was discontinued but still out there for sale.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2019
  12. Lohb
    I thought the XC was considered even hotter in the treble than the 2CB unless that has changed in recent revisions..
    If it is still hotter, it would not be neutral.
  13. Ken G
    One other thing I would add in the LCD2CB favor is the indestructible nature of the plastic in the earcups. Yes they are big but I’ve taken them quite a few times with me for travel and can count on 2 hands the amount of times I’ve accidentally bumped the cups with zero damage.

    I can almost guarantee with the XC I would have easily nicked or dented the wood.
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  14. Slim1970
    I had them both and yes, the treble on the XC's is hotter than the 2CB's to my ears. The treble on the 2CB's is the best I've heard on an Audeze headphone. It's very well done. The 2CB's sound more balanced than the XC's. By that I mean the upper midrange/lower treble dip is not as prominent on the 2CB's, which is an improvement over the XC's. I also think the 2CB's have a more neutral tone than the XC's. I love the sound signature of these.
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  15. mixman
    I haven't heard neither the XC's nor the CB's, but generally in a studio setting if you have to deviate from neutral, brighter is better. It makes it easier to point out the flaws in your mix. Which is why DT1990's are so popular with studio guys and for those with funds HD800's.
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