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Audeze iSine 20 vs. Periodic Audio Be

  1. jurumal
    Okay, I know some of you are probably thinking this is an unfair match-up. Open-back in-ear vs Closed-back, Dynamic Beryllium vs. Planar magnetic, $300 vs. $600. I know these are two very different headphones, but I would like to know your guys opinions, especially those who have tried or own both.

    I'm currently enjoying the Periodic Audio Mg.
  2. serman005
    I am just curious what has you putting these two very different IEMs up against each other? A curiosity...
  3. jurumal
    I'm looking to upgrade to one of these one day. I hear about the speed of beryllium but I always hear great things about the iSine series as well. Don't know which upgrade path to take.
  4. serman005
  5. buke9
    That's a easy call iSine for sure. Funny you mentioned those two as both had lab coats on at CanJam SoCal. Since your in SoCal you should try to make it to CanJam as just about everything is there to listen to. Just a thought.

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