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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. calico88
    what about in chicago ?
    any reseller ready stock ?
  2. Tom Yum Goong
    Don't get your hopes up, folks.
    Would not trust any store until Audeze releases an official date.
  3. Ivaldi
    They did not send one out specifically for that, I was speaking to them regarding something else and they gave me an ETA as well.
  4. earache Contributor
    Hoping for a shipping update soon.....
  5. Deftone
    I'm hoping for reviews too
  6. BoardC3
    I lost my Sine lightning cable on a plane a few months back and have been waiting on my iSine's to come in, figuring that I can switch those out. Is it safe to assume that these are the same DAC/AMP cables?
  7. egogo

    Connectors seem to be quite different, cables themselves are probably not.
  8. peepskp

    The cables are not interchangeable. There are different cables for el8, sine, and isine. The dac/amp is probably the same. $99 for new sine cable, contact Audeze directly.
  9. BoardC3
    Bummer! Was hoping to save a bit of money. Thanks for the responses!
  10. peepskp
    I contacted Audeze asking if a case is included with the iSine's. See photos below of what is included with purchase. Pretty nice looking.
  11. Bubblejuice
    Anyone think these will be available during next years B-Stock sale?
  12. xuan87
    The case looks amazing! I love that the earphones fit perfectly into the mold.
  13. peepskp
    Steve Guttenbergs headphones of the year, iSine makes the list before it's even released:
  14. xuan87
    I'm sure Steve was able to get a good listen to it before he recommends it. Not defending him (in fact I'm a little biased against him) but at least in this case I can agree with his choice, especially since I prefer the 10 over the 20
  15. kernel8888
    That dudes crazy. Not saying he's not justified in his choice, but wouldn't give too much credit to his actual review. It's just hard to take anything away from them other than he really likes everything. Which is ok, just not helpful.
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