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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Dimos Zagaris
    Which would you use for tracking? from .audeze brand? or something else?
  2. Tai1or Made
    Any closed back headphone.

    You don't need anything fancy for tracking, the main feature you want is isolation.
  3. Cynistrategus
    I own a pair of the i10s with the Cipher cable, an iPhone and a Dragonfly Cobalt - anyone done the work on using the Audeze cable versus the Cobalt for listening?
  4. Jayden16
    I just got my iSine 10's and absolutely love them. Can anyone recommend a decent, affordable aftermarket cable with the notches in the connectors?
  5. Jayden16
    Also, what's the closest I can get to the original Cipher cable using UAPPs 6 band parametric EQ? I've dug through this thread and have tried the V1 and V2 that @KMann provided, but both options still sounds a little off to me when compared to the original Cipher cable. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. KMann
    Please refer to my post here, the third curve on that post is the original V1. It will bring the isines very close to HArman curve but man (including me) think it has too much energy in the presence region.
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  7. Jayden16
    Thanks for the response and for clarifying. I guess I'm just struggling to implement that within the 6 bands in UAPP (this is my first time using parametric EQ). Any bands you think I should prioritise, or any recommendations to get it as close as possible? Appreciate your help on this!
  8. jmotyka
    I have the v2 that came with my isine 10's using the Anker usb3 adapter. My question is now that it works with Android phones is an audeze HQ app in the works for Android?
  9. KMann
    Please use this for UAPP. The first 4 bands are Analog Bell, the 5th band is a High shelf (note negative gain) and the 6th band is a Low Shelf (negative gain).


    When using Tonebooster, the Q values for high and low shelf may not match closely with what I have. So I have plotted them separately for you.

    Band 5

    Band 6
  10. Jayden16
    Thank you so much for the detailed response, I really appreciate it. I'll give this a shot!
  11. Jayden16
    This is exactly what I wanted, it sounds incredible. Thank you so much!
  12. Ynot1
    My latest try at improving fit came to this:

    isine10hookback.JPG isinehookfront.JPG

    I prefer the previous one when it comes to ease of putting on and comfort for long duration. But this latest one basically clips on to my ear so it is more secure. Putting it on is quite an effort however. And I used the six inch silicone twist ties, shrink wrap, copper wire, and super glue.
    I heard previously that the ear hooks can be 3D printed. But I think Audeze uses the most premium material and thereby makes the strongest ear hook possible. Hence its use.
  13. Kmackithich
    Hello there,
    I just get my Cipher BT for my Isine 20's since yesterday and I have very annonying issues when i pair with the LG G6 (BT 4.2) or the DX220 (BT5) : most of time it disconnects right after pairing (sometimes few seconds after) and I have to restart the pairing process (flickering red and blue led). Sometimes i have the statut "Connected (no phone)" on the DX220's BT setting menu.

    Also the few times the pairing is functional buttons are not : either it does nothing or it powers down the BT Cipher. It doesn't really matter as the buttons of the standard Cipher cable don't work with the Anker adapter. Still it's quite disappointing for a bluetooth devices.

    Did you encounter the same issues ?
  14. natalieann
    I have had the same issue
  15. Lisp
    my post is in the next page...​
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2019
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