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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Macario
    Sure I will! No luck at the moment.
  2. Nec3
    Last edited: Sep 9, 2019
  3. masterstroke
    I see from Anker's website that this is NOT compatible with Android devices.
    It does not work with all Android devices. Anker say it's being tested on a device by device basis. On their website they actually say that it's not compatible with Android, but some users are having success, but if it were me I'd find out for sure if it was compatible with my DAP or mobile phone before buying one (or even ordering a new phone in the hope that it worked OK). Have a look at the questions from prospective purchasers on the Amazon pages and you'll see that Anker (to their credit) address all queries honestly.
  4. Devodonaldson
    This is because as Anxdroid is an open OS and manufacturers have the ability to tailor the software to an extent it is impossible to say s particular device will work with ALL Android devices. They are covering their behinds, as they should. The Anker converter will work with most current phones USB C phones, and will also work with any OTG capable micro USB Android device if an additional cable with micro USB to USB A female, plus s USB c female to USB A male converter is connected. The Android device has to have OTG functionality, and not ALL Android devices do, however most mid level devices do, and pretty much all flagship devices do
  5. Ynot1
  6. Deckard916
    Not sure, but according to the product description it has definitely accurate size.
    Ynot1 likes this.
  7. Matpar
    erm... just received their package, but there is all EXCEPT the damn fins :frowning2: The picture they put on their site is wrong and misleading... let's see what happens now.

    So back to start, with useless spare parts and no fins... :frowning2:
  8. Devodonaldson
    That is the old accessory kit. That is also not the Audeze website. You need to order a kit from Audeze, not a third party
  9. Matpar
    I wrote them in order to have a feedback on EU dealers that might have the kit in stock with no success. No way I am paying 50usd of shipping from USA....
  10. Devodonaldson
    That I understand. Unfortunately you're probably going to have to wait awhile for EU distributors to have the new accessory kit in stock. I hit the link you sent, and that was definitely the old accessory kit, and the description made no mention of the new earfins. Sorry about that
  11. Matpar
    Description did not, I agree, but main image showed them in full glory unfortunately.
  12. showme99
    I don't see any earfins in the picture linked above. Besides the earhooks and cleaning tool, I only see 6 pairs of eartips (3 pairs of grooved tips, 3 pairs of regular tips).
  13. Matpar
    edit: it is visible on the full website version, but not on the mobile version... weird (see attachment).

    Schermata 2019-09-10 alle 22.55.44.png
    Last edited: Sep 10, 2019
  14. florence
    That's absolutely misleading image. You should request a refund no matter how much money you paid for.
    grokit, Vitandus and Wes S like this.
  15. Matpar
    Already done and they agreed for refund.
    Wes S likes this.
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