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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Nec3
    Bright is hard, I came to realize that it's extremely hard to please in the treble department without finding out which peaks to emphasize especially when balancing levels for compressed pop music vs wide dynamic tracks. After that it's up to the song of which frequencies are being emphasized.
    What happens if I cater towards Baroque/Orchestra/Renaissance/String Sonatas/Piano Sonatas? Well now the treble is too bright for Rap/Hip-hop. It's a push and pull mini-project. The iSine scales well, and it would be a shame to leave it as another listen and sell earphone.

    Thankfully there's a high shelf filter I put in there that starts at 6500hz to adjust for high frequencies, but no I don't have a preset bright setting ready.
    If I had a head/torso simulator I'd be done in a month, instead I'm playing it by ear and I've been playing with the equalizer for almost 2 years now haha. I have a capsule microphone that goes in my ear that a user named BlueMonkeyFlyer generously shared, but it only works for headphones.

    My goal right now is vocals, I want clarity without inducing listening fatigue. Something that the Sennheiser hd600 or Mr. Speakers Aeon does really well.
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  2. Mal Waldron
    Finally, I ordered the Anker adapter to use the Cipher cable with my Android phone. My idea is to use the iSINE 10 with Tidal. So my question is if it's necessary to install additional software to take advantage of this cable. Thanks for all, have a good day!
  3. Soundizer
    Anyone compared Bluetooth quality between [Audeze Mobius] vs [Audeze iSine20 + Cipher cable]?

    I ordered the Mobius, but found out cannot update the firmware as require a Windows PC.
  4. rkw
    Just plug it in. No need to do anything else.
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  5. Vitandus
    Source? Codec? cipher BT? Or Cipher into a BT rcvr?

    Cipher BT compared to Mobius, the latter is superior over aptX HD.
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  6. Soundizer
    Good points - let me clarify here:
    Source? = iPhone - Tidal HI FI music,
    Codec? = AAC
  7. billbishere
    has anyone compared these side by side with the FH7. I am curious how they compare. I have the isine10's and have been considering getting the Fiio Fh7's but, just wonder if they would be much of a upgrade / difference between these and fh7
  8. Soundizer
    I was also curious of this.

    The FH7 has positive YouTube reviews by those that received them as review units.
    However the owners thread is full of complaints about sharp sibilance on them and trying to tame the treble.
  9. billbishere
    Yah, I have watched / read many (maybe all) reviews for them. I would like someone who has them both side by side respond so I can get some sort of idea how they sound compared to something I have already.
  10. Mal Waldron
    I must say that I'm a bit disappointed with the Cipher cable, especially because of the weight of the DAC that makes it very uncomfortable to walk on the street and because I haven't noticed such a drastic change to the standard cable. At least I was lucky that the Anker adapter only cost me 13 euros.
  11. Vitandus
    Using Deezer, the Mobius wins on the iPhone sounds richer, fuller, than the iSine 20 and BT Cipher.
    Music with the FiiO M11 running Neutron and Parametric EQ, they sound close. The Mobius sounds richer, the iSine 20 with 4.4mm cable sound more detailed,
    The FH7 sounds, to me, darn good. Easily the match for the iSine 20 in a lot of music. The iSine 20 is a little darker. Really depends on my mood. Two night ago, I was all about my Sony XBA-N3, for example. Then I was asked to test the Hiby W5 and the Hidizs MS4 and after some brain adjustment, I was enjoying the less detail but much more bass (old school ambient).

    So, to answer - I really like the FH7. They, the iSine 20 (only with a DAP and Neutron), and the Sony are my go to sets.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
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  12. lgcubana
    I’m really curious to see how you affixed the isines to the stems of the headband
  13. youngarthur
    The headband stems are hollow, so the stem of the iSine/M300 fittings push in. I use a twisting motion to screw them in, so excellent fit for me. I cut the stems on the headphones, to get a good fit as well.
  14. Orang_sabar
    May I Know the detail size to make the earhook?

    Thank you

  15. twiceboss
    i realize that isine20 has that crazy eq response. I can change the signature to anything i like. From Lows monster to mids/vocals master to bright treble. You can have it all....
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