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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. billbishere
    Dang, ain't that some ****. lol If we could combine are two issues we would be golden! They must not have a very strong app team, because I am sure that could be fixed with routing through an app, or even just a power user add on for people with root access. But judging by the iOS app, they must not be very strong in that area.

    I am happy I am able to use the cipher cable tho so, it's good enough for me. Small annoyance.
  2. Devodonaldson
    Well, you're not gonna be happy. Upon further inspection, the Siri key doesn't work, however holding down the home key activates Google assistant. So the home key is play, pause, skip, hold for Google assistant. The volume keys work, and I get call audio and mic.
  3. lukedss
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  4. billbishere
    Nice, lucky you!

    I see you have the LCDi4 from your sig...
    How do those compare to the iSine20s?
  5. Devodonaldson
    I loved my ISine 20, really loved them once I got the cipher cable. After listening to LCDi4, cipher 20 still sounds good, but the LCDi4 wins in every category. I even tried to feel like there wasn't much of a difference. I couldn't lie to myself, lol. detail, clarity, depth of bass. Cipher 20 has more thump than non Cipher i4, but that's because of the ew built into the cable. Still choose i4 with Mojo or xDSD over cipher 20 any day. Have my i4 cipher cable coming in today or tomorrow. Want to have it for maybe movies and stuff, or for times where I won't be able to charge my DACs. These are pretty much end game open for me. Home, on the go, definitely my pick for watching or playing anything for sure. My Audioquest Nighthawk gets some time as well cuz they are different. Anyway, the only thing to do later is better DAC/AMP if I decide on a desktop system later. Listening to them right now as I type this. Have had them for exactly one week now.
  6. greenkiwi
    Is there a different cipher cable for the i4?
  7. Devodonaldson
    Yes. It's balanced, and there is less overall ew, as the LCDi4 doesn't need it. The part # is CBL-LT-1120, which denotes that it is the cipher cable for LCDi4, otherwise you get sent iSine cable. It also shows up in the Aud ze app as to which cable it is
  8. Devodonaldson
    So after further listening with the cipher cable and my various DACs, I have concluded that the cipher cable is an awesome and easy way to make these sound their best, however to my ears with a particular DAC, even without eq, the iSine 20 can sound better than with cipher cable. I have Hidizs Sonata HD, ifi XDSD, and Chord Mojo. iSine 20 sounds the brightest with the XDSD. Cipher cable produces the greatest low end thump, but the Mojo without a doubt produces the best overall sound. So, I'm happy to say that I don't NEED to use my cipher cable to get the best out of the iSine20, though it does give me the best overall play time. Now I just need my LCDi4 to hurry up and get repaired!
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  9. Deckard916
    I get plenty of thump using the 3.5 mm with Schiit stack and foobar with Reveal / Cipher convolver files.
  10. The Socialist Nerd
    Testing my LX with a different amp than my Cipher cable tonight.
  11. lukedss
    Anyone got an L size ear hook that they don't use? I have a Medium size for Trade (uk)
  12. lukedss
  13. howdy
    Got my own 3d printer and cant wait to start making and designing my own clips as well. What type of filament is working the best @Frank88 or anyone else doing this?
    Thanks for your advice!
  14. Devodonaldson
    Have you tried the new ear hooks? So much more comfortable now that they are offset
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  15. lukedss
    I came across an STL file yesterday online yesterday as I was trying to find a solution (i can't attach here but pm me your email address and I can forward it)

    The other (Frankie) solution is that you buy from Aliexpress universal hooks and he sells you the horseshoe- I haven't heard back from him (yet)

    Keep me in mind if you end up printing something!
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