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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. vodanhkhack
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  2. Vitandus
    I use a Pelican 1030 now. Was using the 1010 but it is just a little small for the cables.
  3. lukedss
    Is there a how-to for dummies somewhere? Looking at my ES100 EQ settings or Neutron AppI can't see anything that correlates to the measurements i am seeing on these examples ( KMann or yourself..) what am i missing?

  4. myearshurt...
  5. Devodonaldson
    What phone do you have?
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  6. myearshurt...
    Samsung note 9
  7. paruchuribros
    Someone on the reviews posted below about iSine 10 and this cable.
    More comfortable cable for my iSine 10s
    I bought a pair of Audeze iSine 10's a while back but don't often use them because the included cable is awful. It's always getting in the way. This cable works on them, and on top of it now I have volume controls and a mic. I had to make one modification to really get this cable to work well, but it was fairly easy. There is some heat shrink shielding on the ends to provide a bend for these(as they're meant for over the ear IEMs. Taking that shielding off removed the bend and now these are basically perfect for what I need.

    I am planning to order it since it is available on prime shipping
  8. myearshurt...
    The pins just seem a tad bit large in the photo so im a little worried that the pins may not exactly fit into the connector
  9. Devodonaldson
    Your best bet is to buy the cipher cable at a discounted price on Audeze website, then purchase the Anker lightning to USB C short converter on Amazon. That combination is the best overall for battery life, sound from the ISine 10, and usable mic and volume buttons. Only thing you don't get is adjustable ew, but the built in dsp makes the ISine 10 sound awesome with the cipher v2 cable that you get for $60 once your ISine is registered on the Audeze website
  10. myearshurt...
    I have them paired to my es100 already, I was looking for a mic in order to connect to my laptop for gaming while I’m out in college, I’m really eyeing that cipher cable though.
  11. greenkiwi
    Or grab the BT cable, also discounted on their site
  12. paruchuribros
    BT cable is junk in my opinion. I have tried and and it sounds muddy when I compare regular cable with ES100.
  13. jody2k
    Why doesn't this surprise me :) honestly the ES100 is one of the best match isine 10/20 you can have. Guy here that tried almost all dac's availble on market. Yes even better match than the hugo 2, I know sounds rediculous but it's just like that.
  14. billbishere
    I just recently bought this setup with the cipher cable and the anker adapter. I have a OnePlus 6 phone and the mic doesn't work with this setup... All the buttons work on the cable and it even brings up google assistant but, I have no mic at all... It even kills the mic on the phone, it has to be unplugged before I have mic access. Just my experience.
  15. Devodonaldson
    Sorry to hear that. I have this exact setup on my Razer phone 2, and I get volume, play/pause, and MIC access,just no Google assistant. I guess that's why Audeze said they can't make an Android version of the cable, due to the varied implementation of USB C from phone to phone on Android
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