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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Deckard916
    @borrego make sure you aren't inserting the CP155s into the ear canal, just get them settled onto the ear. I've found the L size to be best also vs M.
  2. borrego
    Yes, resting them just outside of my ear canals is exacting what I do. I can't really insert the L size deep into my ear anyway.

    Now the iSine has similar sub bass amount comparing to my Sine DX. But the Sine DX still has more amount between 20-30Hz.
  3. Deckard916
    Currently having my ears massaged by Meshuggah using the 20s with L CP155. :)
  4. jtinto
    From what I have learned, all of the SpinFit line are a bit smaller by design.

    My first pair were CP800 for Shure SE846. I liked the Shure M tips so I ordered M CP800. They didn't seal well being significantly smaller diameter. I ordered the L CP800 which fit perfectly.

    I ordered the L CP155 for my iSine 20 and am very happy with the upgrade from the smooth and ribbed M tips. The fit is more comfortable and the sound has improved as a result of the better seal.
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  5. borrego
    Bought a set of cheap TRN SPC cable for my iSine10. I bought it mainly for color scheme matching :->

    Settled with the M-size CP155 tips for now, for better comfort (slightly less sub bass though)
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  6. bobsherman
    Using a Fiio X5 ver3 which has bal out. I would like to find a good parametric eq that would work with it.
    Last edited: May 9, 2019
  7. inktomite
    I got the Cipher BT module and tried the same 24/96 source on Onkyo. Instead of getting 48 i am getting 44.1. Not sure if it's also downsampled to 16 bit.

    Perhaps a limitation of the Cipher BT module. I can definitely hear the difference. Cipher v2 wired is better sounding (richer and louder) than Cipher BT.
  8. Devodonaldson
    Cipher BT is limited to AAC, as that is the limitation of iOS. SO BT definitely less resolution then wired in iOS
  9. metaldood
    Audeze CS is great. They refunded the amount for the BT Cable for which I had paid full price.
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  10. Vitandus
    The folks at Audeze told me the same when I bought my (used) iSine 20 and (used) NW-ZX300 - that the EQ in the DAP would be superior. As you point out, though, there are nuances that the Cipher gets.
    Right now I’m using the iSine 20s with the Bluetooth Cipher and aptX HD. Sound pretty solid. Will need to check them against the 4.4mm copper cable I have once I’m over this bug that’s stuffed up my head.
  11. vodanhkhack
    oki, use the said EQ setting and 4.4mm balanced output from your Sony ZX300 and tell us how does it sound?
  12. chellity
    which of the options fits isine 10? :) I definitely need a cheap cable to mentally feel better about a flimsy analog cable.
  13. borrego
    The 0.78mm pin plug version. You need to cut a notch on the plug if there isn't on the plug.
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  14. Vitandus
    Caveat - I am older (48), and I am sure I have some hearing loss.

    First off, interestingly the Audeze Mobius sounds brighter than the iSine 20s and BT Cipher. Maybe @KMann can weigh in on the tuning difference between the two DSPs.

    The sound between the Cipher connecting via aptX HD and 4.4mm balanced out on the NW-ZX300 seems to depend heavily on the song. On some tracks, the wired option seems to be brighter and the depth a little more pronounced. On others, it's reversed. Comparing these to other IEMs as I listened to track after track (just for you!) reminds me why I love these things - rich sound, incredible bass.

    That leads to another question for @Audeze - it seems (based on my memory of physics and sound from 30 years ago) that the attack on the Cipher BT might be what causes some songs to sound more detailed - faster attack makes things pop a little more. Of course, I might just be crazy.

    Bottom line - both are good. Some reviewers have said the BT Cipher makes music sound muddy, and I disagree. The convenience versus any appreciable sound quality loss will have to be heavily weighed.

    Addendum: One thing I have found is that at very very low volumes, the BT Cipher loses depth faster than the wired connection. That may be a factor if you like your music at whisper, 20 decibel levels. I did listen to quiet classical music as part of my comparison, and quiet tracks are not a factor. Listening to some Mumford and Sons right now - Babel - and this is an example of an album where wired may have more depth. A DSD of Violin Concertos sounded better on the Cipher.

    EQ applied:
    Peaking 31 Hz 1.41 2.5 dB
    Peaking 62 Hz 1.41 1.8 dB
    Peaking 125 Hz 1.41 -0.6 dB
    Peaking 250 Hz 1.41 -1.7 dB
    Peaking 500 Hz 1.41 -0.4 dB
    Peaking 1000 Hz 1.41 -7.9 dB
    Peaking 2000 Hz 1.41 1.1 dB
    Peaking 4000 Hz 1.41 8.9 dB
    Peaking 8000 Hz 1.41 -2.2 dB
    Peaking 16000 Hz 1.41 -2.5 dB
    Last edited: May 12, 2019
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  15. KMann
    It is hard to compare iSine being in-ear open as being over the ear closed headphone. Mobius being closed will have slightly brighter signature. We tune the DSP to make them both sound close to neutral but we try not to over do it.
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