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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. kwchan
    Nope, this will be my first set of audeze. Anyway to bundle the isine 10 with the BT module in the same order and get the discount?
  2. greenkiwi
    Not that I know of, but my brother did that and then contacted them and they issued a refund.
  3. howdy
    I would like to sell my BT cable used once for maybe an hour. I unfortunately forgot about the discount with people who previously bought stuff and paid the full 100. I'm not looking for the full amount so anyone can PM an offer all inclusive.
  4. greenkiwi
    @howdy I don't know when you purchased it, but I'd call their customer service and see if they can refund it. I know someone else who had it quickly refunded.
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  5. vodanhkhack
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  6. acia
    pure silver cable?
  7. vodanhkhack
    Silver plated only!:smile_phones:
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  8. bobsherman
    Very cool... What brand/model cable is it?

    Would you run the same settings not balanced? Have you listened vs balanced

    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  9. vodanhkhack
    I have used the single end 3.5mm stock cable for a while before buying this balanced cable for iSine 10. Same EQ seting of course. 3.5mm single end : a little bit more detailed than Cipher cable but I cannot reproduce the refined vocal of Cipher cable. The sound signature from i-devices + Cipher is so smooth that cannot be reproduced 100%.

    Using balanced out put: wider soundstage, airy , more holographic. Bass, mid are refined and treble is very detailed,. Balanced output 's sound signature is also not 100% similar to Cipher but is more musical in many way...

    This Silver plated balanced cable is from Penon Studio Hongkong and has very good price of 16 US in ebay !
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  10. bobsherman
    Nice cable and price but the balanced is currently sold out. Thanks for the info, will have to try balance.
  11. Deckard916
    Got some of the PLA earhooks that @kakaworu posted on here, so much more comfortable than the stock earhooks and they actually mold somewhat to my ears with just body heat. Thanks again for posting those on here!
  12. vodanhkhack
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  13. acia
    v1 cipher?
  14. vodanhkhack
  15. borrego
    Per advice in this thread I bought some Spinfit CP155 tips for my iSine10. I was using non-groovy medium stock tips.

    What I found:
    1. The CP155 ha greater tapper and are softer, thus I have to use L size CP155 to substitute M size stock tips. I didn't even bother opening breaking the M size CP155 package to try them. If you are using L size stock tips, don't bother getting the CP155s as they will be too small.
    2. The CP155 has longer inner tube, making slightly more insertion. Combining with the smaller tip opening, tilting overall FR towards warmer sounding. Which is a good thing if you are not using CIPHER cable or EQ.
    3. The more flexible CP155 does make getting good sealing easier. So sub-bass response is slightly better.
    4. The stock tip has bigger opening and less insertion, sounds "airier". There are tracks I prefer the sound signature of the stock tips (e.g. Alison Krauss)
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