Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

  1. chillaxing
    An adapter is no good for you. You cant go trs to trrs, but you can go trrs to trs.

    EBay, alliexpress and the likes will have a good cheap balaned cable. You can even go to fiios site, they have some tjere too.
  2. Ken G
    I purchased a 2 pin balanced cable from Venture Electronic ( that works really well with the iSine (it has the indentation that fits). It took about 3 weeks to arrive from China but only cost about $10 -$20 depending on the custom options you choose.

    In case you’re nervous about buying from a Chinese company you never heard of, Massdrop has sold their cables (and earbuds) in the past and they are pretty reputable. FWIW, I also bought an XLR cable for my Focal Elear and it was well constructed.
  3. m8o
    If it was, then searching for the word 'rift' would yield a hit, wouldn't it?
  4. jody2k
    Yes the cipher cable makes it easyer to get to the desired sound where the Isine's really shine, but it's not by far the best you can archieve imo

    I compared the cipher cable from me GF's iphone with my LG V20 + viper4android + neutron player with (64bit and all the high resolution options enabled 24\192 hz)
    It blows away the cipher cable on all levels by 20 - 30% but yeah you need to spend alot of time to tweak it
    By default the LG V20 DAC is pretty ****ty optimized (it has alot of potential)

    It's just to give you example cipher cable is good (they hit the right spot with their DSP EQ settings) ... but not the best thing you can archieve imo
    The dac of the cipher cable as a standalone chip is inferior to the LG V20 DAC chip
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  5. howdy
    I thought at first you just meant the new V2 non-rift. Guess you'll have to wait and see.
  6. eldss
    Has anyone here attempted to have custom silicon tips made for their iSines? Also, what other tips have you found useful? I can't get any from my arsenal to fit, have tried my regular spinfits, Symbios and 400 sized complys. I remember reading before that Spinfit was coming out w/ some tips for the iSines, but can't find them online and the link shared here is broken.
  7. FooFighter
    Am using Comply foam comfort 600 size M as I had the same issue , see my last posts a few pages back and the responses for that.
    I really think you need to be lucky with the ear anatomy to get a good fit with the stock tips.
    Am happy with the Comply Foam solution though I think I needed to pimp the upper frequencies as the foam is absorbing some of these as I feel, on the other hand it's much fuller sound around lower mids and bass and in my case no jamming needed
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  8. Richter Di

    SpinFit patent eartips

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  9. FooFighter
    Very interesting, can you report about these ear tips after some time of experience?
    - comfort
    - sound implications compared to the original tips?
  10. Richter Di
    Happy to do so, but so far I haven't heard back from them.
    Time to write them.
  11. Richter Di
    This time they where very quick:

  12. Br777
    Just went to use my 20's and YET AGAIN my left driver has stopped working for absolutely no reason. what is this now the fourth time?!?!? ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. great customer service or not, the quality control on these headphones is unacceptable. I am so gentle with these headphones. This is really frustrating. If I wasn't so attached to the sound I should have asked for a refund a long time ago.
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  13. Richter Di
    I am so sorry to hear this.

    I have a different issue. Since I got the new Cypher cable V2 I get sometimes when I use it with my mobile phone electric crackling in my right headphone. It is obviously something with the telephone function since when I put in flight mode the problem is gone.
    2017 and we are back to this old school problem from the 90s?
  14. m8o
    Ironic realization of the day; nea, of the new year.

    The small, eminently portable iSine 20 sounds 'best' thru my solidly fixed and immovable Woo WA-22 driven by the equally fixed and non-portable NAD M51 DAC, with audio over HDMI from Music Choice via my cable box.

    Other candidates were my Opus #1 alone playing either Redbook or HDtracks in Flac, Opus #1 as DAP and MOJO as DAC & Amp, or Music Choice from Cable fed over HDMI to my M51, to Perreaux TC2 tone control to McIntosh MHA-100 amp. Woo won.
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  15. oppman99
    Has anyone used isines while biking outdoors? I’m thinking the lack of isolation might make them safer than traditional in-ears. Wondering if wind significantly intrudes on the sound. Also concerned about how they would hold up to trail dust. I know, not really the intended use.

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