Audeze has (DEFINITELY) something new Re: Headphones at Canjam?
Oct 8, 2011 at 8:40 AM Post #63 of 165
Ok then....

Oct 8, 2011 at 11:12 AM Post #65 of 165
Let the hype train begins. 

Personally I would like a closed-back portable ortho in the mold of HD25/DT1350 or vintage orthos like the ATH-2 or the YHD series that sachu mentioned but the troll in me wouldn't mind either if it's a new flagship model so we can have another endless discussion on whether the LCD-3 is comparable to the top-of-the-line Stax models. 

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Why closed back?  We already have the magnificent Thunderpants.  I still want a good open back ortho as I don't like any of the current offerings (haven't heard the HE500).  A slightly smaller magnet with simpler frame at a reduced price would be great, as I don't think the driver needs to be that big to sound fantastic.  And no ringing whatsoever.
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Well they're not covering me with their high end open back. 
  I want same sound signature, smaller, lighter driver with simpler frame (cheaper materials, maybe all metal) and totally open back and around ear with no ringing or reverb/resonance artifacts. 
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Or to have an ergonomically improved version of the LCD-2 as a new higher end model. That would be my guess. It's about time to move on to a properly designed no-holds product now that they have the money.
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Considering Jude said they would be showing the LCD-2 Rev. 2's it seems this new model won't be replacement for the LCD-2 but rather an addition to the line. My suspicion is a cheaper open back version but maybe it will be an all out new version for LCD-2 owners to strive towards.
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No desire in a closed HP as the LCD2 already sounds like one.  I agree a cheaper version with smaller magnets would be a good idea.
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what about an Audeze there's an idea :)..Sankar, boys listening!!
I must say, having seen how a new LCD-2 is getting shipped out..the quality levels, attention to detail is staggering. How far they have come in such a short time.  THey have truly listened to their customers and delivered!
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It is but I wish they'd fix mine in a hurry and send them back.  Left driver gone after 6 weeks!  Sent them back last week but with how busy they are w/CanJam/RMAF not going to hold my breath!  I bet two weeks turnaround w/shipping.

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