Audeze Euclid Closed-Back Planar IEM
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May 28, 2009
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Audeze is proud to announce Euclid, our first closed-back planar magnetic in-ear. Engineered with Audeze's award-winning patented technology inside a precision-milled aluminum housing, Euclid delivers heightened detail retrieval and sonic accuracy with a soundstage and dynamic range so robust you'll forget you're listening to a closed-back in-ear. The miniaturized 18mm single planar magnetic driver has no crossovers, resulting in superior cohesion across the entire frequency spectrum. Euclid boasts an incredible 105 dB/mW efficiency and a max SPL well over 120dB, giving it the highest dynamic range of any in-ear in its size category.

Euclid is available for purchase now at International customers are encouraged to contact their local dealer or distributor to save on shipping and customs fees.

As of June 2022, Euclid now ships with the 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced cable, and Cipher Bluetooth wireless module included in the package.

“Good lord, the Audeze Euclid is one of the most rounded IEMs I’ve tested recently. It fails at very little in terms of sound quality.”
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Yeah. I think this’ll be an exciting year for Audeze. Now all we need is an all magnesium chassis LCD4 (hopefully 400grams or less) with better tuning to fix the recessed mids and peaked treble.
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I cannot wait to have a listen!!!

So curious to hear how these sound like.
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Exciting news! Following, can't wait to hear these!
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Congrats on the new product release! I’m sure they sound phenomenal. Admittedly I see these and picture them as being truly wireless.
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Finally, in ear closed back from Audeze. A winner for sure !!

the open-back design of the isines made them a non-starter for me, considering my listening environment...never even tried them.

curious to give these a listen.
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Wonder how these compare to my Campfire Solaris 2020s

I love the Solaris 2020 but interested to see the graphs for the Audeze.

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