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Audeze EL-8 Closed Version Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bluesaint, Apr 1, 2015.
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  1. Chikolad
    Not exact science, but a white box usually means newer revision.
    Also, foam on the inner side of the cup (so you can't see the fazors) will probably mean newer revision, but the opposite isn't true because this was an even later addition.
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  2. dcfac73
    I have one on the way through eBay. Forgot to clarify the version.

    Any idea from these pics?
  3. Solomyr
    If I remember correctly, I think there is a card inside the box which says when it was made, which should give you an idea of which revision it is.
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  4. Chikolad
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  5. dcfac73
    If I end up with the first version I won't be massively bummed out. It got good reviews when it came out, so....
  6. dcfac73
    So I got my el8 delivered. They did end up being a 2015 model. Im actually quite pleased with them especially for the price and the as new condition. Mids are a little shouty in the same way the hd650 is but still enjoyable. I actually prefer these over the z7mk2 which is quite congested and not very good with layering, separation, or imaging.
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  7. Chikolad
    I can tell you that even with my 2017 EL-8 closed I still found myself EQing them with a dip around 8kHz. With some recordings the treble is too piercing. No shouty mids though, in my experience.
    Other than that they're quite amazing.
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  8. dcfac73
    Im not a fan of the proprietary connections though. Sound cuts out sometimes when the cable is bumped, also balanced cables are harder to source.
  9. Chikolad
    I've had no problems with them. I think that's also another thing Audeze revised at some point...
  10. dcfac73
    It happened with a post-2016 titanium demo model at a shop as well. I won't bother upgrading to the revised driver edition for this reason. I'm pleased with the 2015 sound as is, and I'll probably wait until Audeze come out with a new model.
  11. phthora
    If it makes you feel better, I couldn't hear any difference going balanced with the EL-8 Ti. I'm a big believer in balanced and usually hear a moderately substantial difference, but this time, nothing. On the other hand, the new cable is much more attractive and easy to manage.
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