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Audez'e Edition System - Owner's Thread and Impressions

  1. Vinnie R.
    I just posted here:
    and would like to start an "official" Audeze Edition System Owner's Thread and Impressions thread... right here in the ALO Audio Premier Sponsor Forum.
    Please feel free to post your listening impressions, reviews, pics, questions, etc.  I'll also post links to reviews as they become available.
    NOTE: We are shipping, but still waiting for the custom carrying case to be finished.  So for those who already ordered and we shipped to, we will be shipping you the carrying case as soon as they are in stock (any week now).  We didn't want to hold up bringing the Audeze Edition System to the market because of the delay in the custom carrying case.
    The official Audeze Edition System Press Release can be found here:
    and the website can be found here: http://redwineaudio.com/components/audeze_edition
    (yes, we'll be updating the pics to show the custom carrying case soon.  Audeze will have this for sale on their site as well).
    As always, we (Alex Rosson of Audeze, Ken Ball of ALO Audio, and Vinnie Rossi of Red Wine Audio) want to thank you for all your interest and support!  
    Happy listening,
  2. rrrango
    Still burning in but enjoying it all the same.
  3. aenonloo
    received the unit yesterday. previous setup: Amarra > Hegel HD10 > Schiit Lyr > LCD-2
    will take weeks of burning in but it is already handling Mahler symphonies extremely well. 
    the layers are as clear as Stax-007 but with bass! the placement of instruments is accurate. 
    i am hearing new layers in Bjork's Vespertine, mostly in the outer soundstage range.
    i look forward to a year of not reading through this forum anymore, because all (home/travel listening) problems are solved.
  4. Vinnie R.
    Hi Guys, 
    Thanks for your posts!
    I was at the NJ Headfi Meet last Saturday.  Feedback from the meet was posted here:



    (page 1 is mostly nice pics from the meet.  You'll even spot our upcoming CD transport that can plug into the Audeze Edition, 

    Isabellina HPA, etc. 12Vdc output jack.  So its all on LiFePO4 power and transportable...)




    The custom travel case for the Audeze Edition System is in production.  I should receive them later this week and will be shipping to those who have already purchased.




    And now that we have the cases coming, we'll finally be shipping to reviewers:


    - Steve Guttenberg of CNET 

    - Skylab (master reviewer here on headfi)

    - Srajan of 6moons

    ... and many others that have been waiting to review this system!


    Thanks again,



  5. Tonyflo
    Thanks! Really looking forward to more reviews Vinnie, I've been mostly portable but looking to invest in a complete desktop system, and definitely learning in this direction. 
    Since I won't be able to make Canjam, really look forward to detailed impressions from others before taking the leap with this unit! Thanks again :)
  6. Vinnie R.


    Hi Tonyflo,
    Be on the lookout for Headfi Member "Skylab's" upcoming review, and Steve Guttenberg is in the process of reviewing the system for www.innerfidelity.com
    Hopefully these will be out by the end of the month - which would be good timing to pull the trigger with our September 10% off promotion:
    All the best,
  7. Vinnie R.




    Special thanks to Steve Guttenberg for the time and effort in reviewing this system!
    Quote from: Steve Guttenberg - InnerFidelity.com

  8. Vinnie R.
    Just posted - SKYLAB's Audeze Edition reveiw:
    Just a few quotes from the very thorough review:
    Special thanks to Rob (Skylab) for his comprehensive and professional review - we (Alex of Audeze, Ken of ALO Audio, and myself) greatly appreciate it!
  9. tulz43
    Just a simple question (maybe stupid)  but does the volume on the amp/dac control the line level out?  Or is it designed to be connected to a preamp?
  10. flohmann
    Fixed line out, not controlled by the volume control. So, in other words, you need a preamp. That's a pity, because it would work better for me if the volume did control the rear panel outputs, so I could send it directly to my Dyna ST-70, which powers my bedroom system. 
  11. mrarroyo Contributor
    Why don't you send Vinnie an email or PM to see if he can entertain your request. He is very accommodating.
  12. bmichels
    Two question Gentlemen:
    - Isn't it a downside that this unit, for such a price, do not reach 24/192 on the USB imput ?  Most DAC 1/3 the price does !  Does it affect the sound quality when playing 24/192 uncompressed files from a Mac or a music server ? 
    - I am also surprised that the AE does NOT have ballanced imput !  Why ?? Isn't it a limitation ? 
    And finally, what BALANCED amp/DAC can be seen as a very good alternative for the LCD ?  Tube if possible... :)
  13. freed0108
    I have had my Red Wine Audez’e since August and believe it is the best sound I have ever owned and that includes some Linn, Meridian and Naim systems worth up to $18k.
    Most of the benefit for me, as I tend to live in ‘live’ rooms for short periods of time especially while working overseas, is the elimination of the room effects. As such I hear more of the music and those little background studio noises that can add to the realism. i.e. echo of the studio (Rod Stewart), clearer sound (early Tom Waits), little background noises (TRex), etc.
    Plus the customer service from Vinnie myself is great. He always responds within 24 hours or less and is honest to his detriment.
    I will always consider and mostly likely buy from Red Wine again.
    A music lover since 1971 (as a 12-ear old)
  14. ddanois
    I own this system and haven't really noticed any limitations related to the DAC. Perhaps I'll try an optical cable to check this further.

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