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Audeze decision to make, which one is better for all around Media Center

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vourt, Apr 29, 2019.
  1. vourt
    Have to make a tough decision, lets say it is not the price that matter :wink:.
    The headphones are going to be connected to Hugo 2 or directly to a PC and to be used mainly for Movies, Games and some FLAC Music files.

    Audeze Mobius
    Audeze LCD-3
    Audeze LCD-X


  2. noobandroid
    either the 2C, 3 or 4, definitely not mobius, mobius is fancy but the SQ is (imo) a bit not up to par
  3. vourt
    And if i have to chose from LCD-3 to LCD-X now?
  4. The Socialist Nerd
    I am going to provide a huge question...

    What is your environs for using the Audeze headphones? On the go listening, at home detailed listening?

    I use the Mobius for on-the-run top notch listening and my LCD-2CB's for at home listening (although I did bring it a few times to the school library) and my iSine LX's for lazy awesome listening.
  5. vourt
    I have Sony Z1R closed can at work for office use and these are going to be used at home..

  6. greenkiwi
    The massdrop Mr speakers ether C should be added to the list.

    Though if you're mostly playing games and watching movies, I personally enjoy the surround effect for the Mobius
  7. vourt
    Thanks! actually my first attempt was to buy to Mobius since they are going to be used mainly for movies and PC gaming but then saw the LCD-3 or LCD-X in a very good price that thought they might give overall much better performance also not just for music but for the movies and gaming
  8. greenkiwi
    I really liked the LCD-3 when I listened to it, but it was a different experience.
  9. vourt
    Can you please explain about that different experience? since you tried both, if you had them on the table when watching a movie or playing a game, which one will you pick up? :)
  10. greenkiwi
    At the moment, I only have my Ether Flow and Mobius... but I watched "A Star is Born" and switched between them a few times.

    The Ether Flow (and LCD-3) are technically better, but I felt that the surround / spacial queues that the Mobius gave created a more immersive experience for me. I think that I preferred watching the movie with the Mobius as it felt like I was in the movie instead of simply watching it.

    I don't play games too much, but I would imagine that hearing people moving around behind you could be helpful too. Though I'm guessing the software would create the same effect with regular headphones.

    I'll also say that there is the general Open vs Closed experience too. Any chance you're somewhere you could try both? Maybe at a meet?
  11. vourt
    Thanks!. I will go ahead now and will order the Mobius, you saved me a bunch of cash.

    Later on might add some of the Audeze range (maybe MX4?) to them for music listening.

    BTW - how are the MrSpeaker ones compared to Audeze?
    The Socialist Nerd likes this.
  12. The Socialist Nerd
    I use both my Mobius and LCD-2CB often and have been happy with my decision.
  13. Object113
    not mobius if you are going for sound quality and wire not a problem .
    all that 3d stuff fun at beginning , but you will get tired fast .
    I probably will sale mine .
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2019
  14. vourt
    You own the mobius? what more did you experienced?
  15. Object113
    it takes 5 seconds press to power it on or off ,
    battery life is short , you cant use them as passive headphones you have to power it on ,
    build quality - all plastic only metal part i found is screws ,
    3d doesn't really bring you anything , to me looks like another marketing move.

    sound quality - good , not as good as LCD2 , honestly you can find better sounding dynamic headphones in this price range .
    I own both LCD2 and Mobius

    for wireless I found myself using my old beat up Sony more,
    and if I want better sound then I will use any of my wired headphones.

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