Audeze / Addicted to Audio (Melbourne, Australia)
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Jul 20, 2004
Hi All,
Thought I'd share my recent experience with Audeze and Addicted to Audio (Melbourne, Australia) which has been very positive.
In early February, I purchased a pair of LCD3s from Addicted to Audio (A2A). There were issues with them - namely a scratched yoke and some dents on the wood. I contacted Audeze and they were so kind as to provide me with a replacement unit via A2A; they even let me hang on to my LCD3s at the time to use.
A few weeks later when the replacement arrived, I found that the grain of the wood looked extremely peculiar and I really wasn't happy with it. The difference was so extreme that it didn't look like Zebrano in my opinion, it also didn't look at all like all the many LCD3 pictures I saw on the internet. So I complained to Audeze and refused to accept the replacement.
There was initially some disagreement before Alex Rosson, the Audeze CEO intervened and surprisingly insisted he wanted me to be happy with my LCD3s so said me to leave the replacement at A2A whilst he sorts out another replacement for me. 
A few weeks later, Audeze sent me a few pictures of another unit intended as a replacement. I was very happy with the grain of the wood but saw something odd about the yoke alignment in the pictures and refused that replacement.
Audeze then agreed to send me pictures of their next batch for me to pick a pair. A few weeks later, I got pictures of ~8 pairs of Zebrano wood cups. I was incredibly fussy and refused to "settle" for any of those in the pictures. It was at this point I was beginning to regret rejecting the previous replacement unit.
Audeze then wanted to offer me a refund but I disagreed as I still wanted LCD3s due to their sound. After a phone call with Alex and Tasvee, we agreed to give it one more round whereby if I wasn't satisfied, I'd agree to a refund.
A few weeks later, pictures came through of a pair which I was quite happy with and agreed to accept it. I have just picked this pair up this morning in impeccable condition. It looks sensational in the flesh, the Zebrano is simply stunning. 
Audeze, and in particular Tasvee, who managed my case for the past few months, really do look after their customers. In my case, I'm extremely pleasantly surprised by the time and effort they've taken to ensure I didn't just "have an LCD3 of acceptable quality" but rather, have an LCD3 I was so proud to look, hold and listen to every day. 
I would also like to recognise Tasvee. She was a real pleasure to deal with at all times during this many month long case.
Many manufacturers happily talk about customer satisfaction, not many live it. Audeze unequivocally does. Please keep up the excellent work guys and never forget the customers that have made you the successful company you are today.
Addicted to Audio
George at A2A has been extremely friendly and sincere ever since my first purchase from him in January this year.
He was supportive all throughout my LCD3 case and coupled with his service, his prices are some of the best around for those living in Australia. I challenge any Australians to compare the price of direct importing (factoring time, shipping, customs, gst costs) with purchasing from A2A - give them a ring/drop by and you'll definitely be looked after by George/Guillaume/Rendra.
I highly encourage any Australian/Melbournian customers to pay A2A a visit sometime and if possible, support an outstanding retailer; something of chronic shortage in the ridiculously overpriced and incompetent Australian retail industry.

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