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Audéo PFE advice

  1. Ludo41
    First of all, after having my new pair of Audéo PFE a few days now, I think they're great. I've been using the black filter with the silicone tips and compared to my Klipsch S4 that I had for a few years they are wonderful. (Nothing against the klipsch, I loved them every minute too.) The clarity, comfort, and over all performance of the PFE so far has been great. Glad I chose them!

    That being said, their bass is not the most powerful, and compared to my S4 are at times a little lacking. I know, I know.. I got them fully aware that bass was not their strong point and am not completely all about bass. Sometimes though I enjoy turning on a few bass heavy songs and having some fun. My PFEs don't have the strongest, but it is amazingly clear and never misses a beat. My question is, is there anything I can do to make the bass a little stronger? Perhaps amping or getting the green filters? If anyone has tried both, which one would make the biggest difference? And why do some songs seem a lot better than others, or not better but different. Like 1901 by Pheonix the bass really rumbles but in other songs where it isn't as held out, it doesn't seem to be as deep. If anyone could explain that to me I'd appreciate it :)
  2. Techno Kid
    Both amp'ing and the Green filters would make the bass sound stronger.  I'm assuming you have the PFE1## and not the 232.  When I had mine I used a FiiO E6 and not only did the bass sound stronger but on EQ 2 it gave them a bit more or a musical sound also.

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