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Dec 8, 2006
Just got mine this morning and have been looking thru the manual & various menus. Have heard it is a real bee-atch to setup, but looks pretty straightforward to me. My only concern is how many of the various modules would be uselful in this application (headphones only)?

I bought it mainly for the highly regarded (for the price) DAC and digital EQ. As far as the EQ, I will probably start with the GEQ but am unsure how much of that other stuff (Width, Compression/Expansion, Limiter, etc) I should attempt to tweak or simply bypass. Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I do not plan to use the FDB or RTA at all.

Any advice from current/previous owners would be appreciated. I am installing it into System 1 (replacing the Entech & ART341) shown in my signature.

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Feb 25, 2003
It's been so long since I've had mine but I do remember that I only used the EQ feature.

If you haven't done already, I found the posts by member gerG to be of great help on the DEQ2496. Here is one thread but I think there are a few more:

I bought the Behringer microphone also to get the Freq. Responses from my speakers and I even tried it on headphones. gerG talks about how he did this as well in a much more accurate way then I did.

It's a fun tweaker to play around with. Eventually found a setup I liked that didn't need this.

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