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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. Preachy1
    They are heavily influenced by Robert Fripp, in fact they opened for KC a few weeks back.
  2. Inoculator
    Enjoying breaking in my new camphor burl eikon at work today, Zach is truly an artist, these are GORGEOUS. This is my first closed-back ZMF, early impressions are great. Really enjoying the timbre/reverb of the camphor so far. Reserving full judgment/impressions/comparisons until after a sufficient burn-in.

    camphor burl eikon.jpg work stack.jpg
  3. vintinfinity
    Those sure are beauties. Enjoy!
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  4. Scutey
    They sure do look rather lovely, congrats!, btw, I'm guessing that cable is not by ZMF?.
  5. Inoculator
    Thanks! Yeah, the cable is made by the talented Head-fi member @Voxata. Quad paracord braided, he does great work!
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  6. Scutey
    Nice!, looks like you are set up for great sound! :).
  7. rishabhgkp
    Anyone that does have T5p along with ZMF Eikon, who can compare them?
  8. zzzmonster
    I also received a similar cable for my eikon today. The characteristics of the eikon totally changed - i was shocked, it is not 10% difference, all eikon owners should try custom cables, either silver, silver copper hybrid or other cables. I feel maybe e stock cable might be too thin - constraining e sound potential
  9. erics75
    Just wanted to share something i discovered recently regarding the ear pads. background - over the last month or so i starting thinking my Atticus with Ori lambskins was sounding off. was thinking maybe it needed a trip to Zach for a tuneup. i have an almost unused Ori suede pad set, so mounted them and gave it a listen. bam! sounded like the old Atticus again! slight tonality change due to the material change, but things sounded more or less how they should again. i inspected the lambskin pads, they looked fine visually, no cracking or compression. emailed Zach and he pointed out the foam could be aging, bringing the drivers closer to my ears than a fresh set would. got me thinking about it, as visually they didn't look compressed or flat at all. so i laid a suede and lambskin pad next to each other. same thickness. laid a heavy book evenly across both. bam! the lambskins compressed much further than the suede did.

    a side effect of this is i forgot how dam good the suede pads sound. and it's making me wonder how in the hel my in production VC can ever hope to compete with the Atticus for my attention haha. i've honestly never been so attached to and enamored with a heaphone as i am the Atticus. and i'm loving the suede's so much i'm not sure i'll rush to buy a fresh lambskin set.

    forgot to add, when i squish the suede pads in towards my head, the sonic changes are very very similar to what i was hearing with the lambskin pads. it doesn't sound right. so if you think your set sounds off, and the pads are old (mine are probably 2-3 years old), you might need a pad change.
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  10. Preachy1
    I think I just swallowed my tongue in an effort to NOT make stupid comments following that line!!!!! :)
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  11. erics75
    well i didn't even think of that until you mentioned it, now i'm dying laughing in my office while people stare at me....

    edit - it's been hours and i'm still occasionally laughing at my own stupidity/comment...
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
  12. ksorota
    I finally got my hands on the Eikon Suedes for my coco. Atticus and what a difference! These sound really great. I enjoyed them with the Ori pads, but the suedes ease up on the darkness enough to be more engaging, especially with electronic music! Mids have come forward without a hint of sharpness.

    They really make a great headphone even better!
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  13. erics75
    how do the eikon suedes affect the soundstage? did it collapse at all? one of my favorite aspects of the Atty is it's soundstage, it's quite open for a closed set. curious if moving the driver closer to the ear and reducing the sound chamber will close off the soundstage at all.
  14. ksorota
    I did not notice a change in soundstage compared to the Ori LS, however I did notice that detail in vocals was better and generally the sound was more natural feeling. I will do some more intense listening in the morning and report back!
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  15. ksorota
    Following up...I just listened to Fleetwood Macs Rumours album and can easily state the soundstage is not affected (or very incrementally changed) and the sound is airier than before. I think its the removal of the mid-bass saturation (or hump). The mi-bass is still elevated, but its more evenly blended. I do not think you have to worry about losing soundstage...the suedes are a slightly different reproduction of sound, one that I really enjoy.

    I just cannot get over how good these headphones are. The impact from the track "Go Your Own Way" can be felt during the end of the song more so than I ever noticed before. The song comes through as full of dynamic range and surprising details from all around my head.
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