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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. TjPhysicist
    Ok so, I'm assuming then that Vali is out too? So what is the CHEAPEST you can go, to have enough tubes to really hear something different from the usual? I mean, to me I'm at my endgame now, at least in terms of solid state (Liquid Carbon)...I do want to hear a good tubes, but idk if I want to spend like $500.
  2. Preachy1
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  3. Preachy1
    I'll tell you, the XDUOO TA-10 does a better than fair job at driving these cans. I just retired mine as I upgraded to the Elise. I may be putting it up for sale soon. LMK if you're interested (PM me if so).
  4. Wheel Hoss
    Zach recommended the Eddie Current ZDT Junior directly to me. For $400, the value is great.

    BHC obviously great but you have to build it or get it used.

    Woo WA3 gets great feedback. It’s $600.
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  5. maximus69
    I would toss in LaFigaro 339 as good otl. Massdrop has deals occasionally around the 600 pp. The ZDT looks interesting at the sub 500 pp.
  6. jinxy245
    Total matter of opinion, I think.there are definitely worse places to start than the Vali2. I don't think you'll be getting everything you can outta these headphones, but I don't think it'd be a bad place to start. The MCTH isn't horrible in my experience, and the Garage Sunrise III are supposed to be damn good at their price point, though I've never heard them.
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  7. SmashBruh
    Ugh, I know this is only sad to me, but my atticus just took a fall and got a small scuff on the finish. I'd been so careful with them but the stupid hook-like arms of my office chair grabbed the cable and yanked them right off my desk. It's only a small scuff, and I guess I should be thankful it didn't crack but RIP my pristine baby. </3
    (They still sound great though!)
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
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  8. Pharmaboy
    In my experience there are 2 sides to "audio nervosa":
    1. The anticipatory side: you're reading about stuff you don't own, haven't heard, want to hear. You're bewitched by positive comments about sound & synergy. This side is fantasy/wish-fulfillment land, and it can get pretty crazy.
    2. The experiential side: you have the new thing & it's blowing your mind. You're suddenly on a higher step on the audio ladder, and you're hearing things differently, better. This side is priceless. Besides the occasional loaner or show, this is how I've learned whatever I know.
    I love the headphones, amps, speakers, that I have. But every once in awhile, I feel that urge stirring to experience something new (or to hear more from things I already own). And then the cycle begins again...
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  9. Pharmaboy
    I have the WA3 & love it. I never looked for a used one, but imagine it would run ~400. Totally worth it to hear any 300 ohm headphone on the WA3. You'll hear things you simply can't from SS, even really fine SS like the LC.
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  10. Preachy1
    I'm drawing a blank. MCTH = ????
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  11. heliosphann
    Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid
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  12. TjPhysicist
    Man you guys are suggesting stuff that is WELL above my budget right now, lol. TBH, i wish there was someplace around here I could go and try out tube stuff...the XDUUO X10 sounds good though, cheap price and looks amazing!

    btw Darkvoice 336SE is on drop right now...any opinions there?
  13. Preachy1
  14. lentoviolento
    For those who have rme adi2 dac, how does it pair with atticus and is it worth the price as a pure dac to feed the feliks echo that i am expecting? Thanks
  15. Wheel Hoss
    So I figured out that I could keep my Mojo plugged in while I record with my DAW (Clarett 2 Pre USB), and just switch the audio out from the Clarett to the Mojo when I want to listen to a recorded track. So now as soon as I record a track I can listen to it through the Mojo DAC and Eddie Current amp with my Atticus.

    For someone who started recording with four tracks, this is unreal. The ability to hear my own voice and guitars through the Mojo + ZDTj instantly with the Atticus is invaluable. I am finding myself so much more receptive to my own work, because all the tech/gear is making me sound so good. I can’t recommend this kind of setup enough to other musicians with a home studio. It has honestly made recoding addictive!
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