ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

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  1. lentoviolento
    hi folks,
    has anyone ever tried atticus with ifi micro idsd BL?
  2. Hansotek
    Yes. It is freaking fantastic! That's my go-to, if I don't have an OTL handy. Highly recommended combo!
  3. Hansotek
    This is a "triangle of expectations" type of proposition - do you want it fast and cheap, cheap and high quality, or fast and high quality?

    If you want cheap and fast, you could grab a La Figaro 339 or similar- which is about $750 and I know @monsterzero has had good results with it.

    If you want cheap and high quality, you could order a Glenn OTL (which is what I have and is probably the biggest steal in high-end audio, IMO, starting at $750 (before upgrades)). IME, it goes toe-to-toe with $2-$3k OTLs and holds its ground very well. The only catch is the wait is 10-12 months.

    If you want fast and high quality, the DecWare CSP3 and the Ampsandsound Kenzie are both pretty incredible with the Atticus at $1,299-$1,399(ish, depending on options) and $1,999 respectively.

    Of course, if money is no object, there are lots of other great options like the DNA Stratus and Stellaris, Glenn GEL3N or maxed-out OTL, EC Studio, Apex Teton and the Woo WA-33... I haven't heard the Atticus with all of those (and they aren't all OTLs, either), but those are some of the best tube amps on the planet, so probably worth mentioning if they are in the cards.
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  4. Serge Bernamej
    Sorry, was sick all day, still am. Well let's say first that I did not even consider departing from the beloved Prime. I should A/B them for you and let you know, but of the top of my head I tend to think that they definitely complement each other. Prime is not rolled off in the highs, and seems to have a sub bass that is tighter. The Prime is more high energy...but i'm sick and can't say anything meaningful right now.
    Should A/B them soon ")
  5. gLer
    That’s good to know! I’m currently using the silver version as a dac to feed the Matrix HPA-3B, and the combo has beautiful synergy, so look forward to hearing the Atticus on these one day.
  6. christianicon
    Hi Zach,
    Really enjoying the eikon, what a great job!
    I would like to ask you, what dac / amp do you use to listen with eikon? What you consider the best?
  7. lentoviolento
    do they have slam and impact like audeze lcd2 or night owl??
  8. gLer
    The question should be do they have slam and impact like the Fostex TH-X00 variants? Have a listen to James Gillespie’s new single “What You Do” with its incredibly powerful drum tracks on the LCD-2 (which I now own, 2016 Fazor) and the Fostex TH-X00 (which I’ve owned for a while and remains my daily driver), and you’ll FEEL the meaning of slam on the Fostex. Not that the LCD-2 is lacking - it’s powerful, rich and detailed. But the Fostex you can feel in your chest. If the Atticus has the same level of slam and depth as the Fostex along with all the honey goodness of the LCD’s mids and warm but detailed highs, it might - just might - make me consider switching out my Fostex.
  9. lentoviolento

    i didn't like fostex beacause of the piercing treble, i'm very sensitive.. to me lcd2 remains my golden standard and the best all rounder, i had to sell them cause they were too heavy, now i'm looking for a replacement.... maybe i should look elsewhere, maybe atticus....
  10. gLer
    I hear you. With the wrong source/amp the Fostex treble can run loose and kill you. Luckily I have a dac and amp that control the treble and perfectly complement the bass quality of the Fostex.

    I got my LCD-2 yesterday and I still don’t get why they’re considered too heavy. I guess compared to Sennheiser or even the lightweight Fostex they’re solid and heavy, and I admit the original headband doesn’t distribute the weight very well, but add a Lohb strap or an Audeze carbon fibre headband and you’re good to go for hours.

    But I digress. While I agree the LCD is smooth and quite clearly TOTL, it still can’t touch the Fostex slam and sub bass depth (treble issues aside). So my question is, is the Atticus closer to the LCD-2 in bass terms, or to the Fostex? If I had to swap my Fostex for the Atticus would I miss that slam?
  11. lentoviolento
    I'd like to know that too. I want a bit of slam
  12. captkirk
    The Atticus has the potential for a good amount of slam, and handles macro-dynamics exceedingly well. That said, it comes down to what amp is driving it. My SS hits harder than my tube amp, so amp characteristics come into play.

    No experience with the LCD-2, so YMMV.
  13. captkirk

    Any upcoming S.E. models of the Atticus/Eikon?
  14. givemetacos
    My LCD-2 (2016) also had the Lohb strap and it was "fine". I think it is still way too heavy, but I could wear it comfortably enough and it wasn't a deal breaker. That said, if I had to wear it for more than a few hours straight it would annoy me. Whereas my HD800 doesn't annoy me in the slightest for long sessions. But compared to LCD-2, the Atticus is night and day more comfortable. For weighing about the same, it just sits completely different and because of how adjustable the metal headband is you can find a perfect clamp. I could also wear Atticus all day long and not notice.

    The Atticus slams much much harder than LCD-2. I would say it slams about as hard as my TH-X00 and EMU Teak, but it still has a more mid bass emphasis whereas the X00/Teak elevate both sub-bass and mid-bass about the same. I've said this before, but I think the Atticus is superior to X00/Teak and LCD-2. The biggest advantage is that the mids on Atticus really take it to another level that the X00/Teak and LCD-2 can't match. I have sold or will sell all 3 of those others because I just don't use them anymore once I got Atticus. The only major difference is that X00/Teak have hotter treble and are brighter up top in case you are a treblehead. And while the soundstage of Atticus is quite big, it still feels like a closed headphone.
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  15. zach915m
    Yeah! We just released the two LTD's were doing for the Atticus an Eikon. You can check them out on our site!

    The Cocobolo is super expensive wood and I've been saving up a batch for a while to get to the amount of wood needed for a run like this.
    we're also doing oxidized barnyard cherry
    Harder woods like Cocobolo will have more "slam" than softer woods. Cocobolo is harder than padauk and you will hear a little more of that slammy girth, ofcourse with any wood it's subtle bu noticeable.
    ZMFheadphones ZMF headphones hand-crafts wood headphones in Chicago, USA with special attention to exceptional sound and craftsmanship. Stay updated on ZMFheadphones at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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