ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

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  1. Serge Bernamej
    Ok I repent !!! 'Very very good" is an insult to the Atticus. I only listen to classical music by the way, and OMFG man. Silky smooth !!!!!!!!!!!! Half of my recordings I considered annoying and I'm gonna cry's like the feeling of a father who sees his young rebelious and ****ed up adolescent coming back from years of resentment, coming back home a grown man, full of respect, strength and maturity.
    Sorry guys this is too emotional for me.
    Zach did a miracle.
    I thought Audeze was gonna give me that. Nope. ATTICUS.
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  2. rgs9200m
    Anyone who listens mainly to classical music should get a good DAC that does native DSD and compile a DSD music library. There is tons of great classical music on DSD and SACD (and now you can rip SACD if you look on C.A.).
  3. Serge Bernamej
    I'm stuck with 3000+ albums on redbook format :frowning2:
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  4. gLer
    Couldn’t agree more - and not just classical! For example Queen have released their entire remastered studio albums on SACD/DSD, Chesky has some brilliant DSD stuff (Amber Rubarth), and of course Pink Floyd... It’s the one reason I haven’t even considered Schitt stuff. My little ifi Micro iDSD blows their “Multibit” dacs out the water.
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  5. Nick-s-f
    That's very positive news. Is your Alpha Prime feeling threatened by the newcomer? Not sure if they would compliment each other well, but a direct comparison would be cool.
  6. SHAMuuu
    Those look very nice. And nice to see the bird as well. And excellent you enjoyed it very much with your music collection.

    I would also like to formally apologize for my previous long rant/ excessive gifs. I have taken into consideration such behaviour can throw thread off topic. Which is no good.

    The confusion was partly due to mixing three points. 1) Basshead testing, and 2) Driver of ZMF EIkon 3) Atticus/Eikon sub-bass. I accept it was my fault.

    I will not rant/ overuse images again on head-fi. My promise. However, i hope members on this thread or Zach can provide info for my knowledge. Thanks :)
  7. zach915m
    1. Not sure about the bass-head test or how to do it. If an owner here knows how to do it I'm sure they could do it and post here or PM you if they are interested.
    2. The driver is a mixture of Biocellulose and Polyurethane for the right stiffness for the sound we were after. It uses N50 magnets, two of them stacked on each other and ported to our specifications.
    3. Eikon has more sub-bass in comparison to the mid-bass of the Eikon where-as Atticus has more mid-bass in comparison to the sub-bass of the atticus. The Atticus sub bass is still above the mids of the atticus.

    Hope that helps!

    So glad you got them safely Serge always makes me happy when new owners get them in! Your metaphor is :thumbsup:

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  8. gLer
    Hi Zach - either it's too late at night or I didn't quite understand you here (especially the last line). :p
  9. SHAMuuu
    Thank you Zach. Yes, please understand I am interested in the material and specs. This is afterall a headphone forum with people fascinated by specifications.
    I will comment on the driver (biocellulose and polyurethane hybrid). I just interested in things like stiffness rating, layers, magnetic strength. That is all at the end of the day. When I research biocellulose, it branches out into all sorts of natural fibres. I am interested in which natural fibres used in Eikon.

    I will include this related pictures just so my point clear. Sorry it takes space! :)
    So, just want to know what is same/different. With Audioquest, E-MU, V-Sonik etc. Its confusing. But I am interested in ZMF biocellulose process/ specs (how many layers,thickness of diaphragm ,strength/rigidity of diaphragm) Magnet strength. What was used to design cup (software etc) etc. I don't know who else knows this. I think its the most superior material, and i want to learn all i can. I think my post is relevant and on topic. Thanks. :)
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  10. Arcamera
    Can't keep up with this thread-- a good thing. But to answer a question about the Audioquest Nighthawk vs. the Atticus, from my perspective (and always owning whatever I talk about): I like the Nighthawk a lot, but the Atticus is better. Much better. If you like the Nighthawk, don't hesitate.

    Regarding the Atticus out of a Woo WA3: I own a WA3 and have liked it very much. But then I upgraded to a (similarly designed but better) WA2. The Atticus sounds great out of that. I would imagine it would sound good out of the WA3 as well (a good OTL, but not as powerful/authoritative as the WA2. My advice: just get the WA2 and don't look back).
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  11. gLer
    Speaking of tubes, tubes and more tubes, has anyone tried the Atticus with the ifs Micro iTube 2 buffer? Read some glowing reviews on this and thought it might be a neat option to get some of that groovy tube sound while using my preferred SS amps. Since I own both the Fostex TH-X00 and (soon) the LCD-2f (both of which typically sound better through lower-imepdance SS amps), I was thinking something like the iTube could be an option if and when I spring for a tube-loving Atticus.
  12. zach915m
    I actually have one of these! It's a cool device that I pair often with the JDS Labs Element. It's adds a nice sense of warmth but I wouldn't classify it as an equal to actually having a OTL type tube amp. It more adds a gentle "tube haze" to the sound that's kinda neat.
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  13. zach915m
    I actually did not compare specifically to other MFR's diaphragms to find exactly how ours was different, I researched what I wanted and then gave specific specs to a number of driver mfr's until I found one that could make our proprietary design to the quality we needed for a TOTL headphone. We did add PU to increase the stiffness of the driver, but the results were measured in THD, FR among other things rather than in durometer. I could get my durometer meter out and take an exact reading of the driver density but I don't want to ruin a driver etc.

    As mentioned earlier we used N50 magnets stacked on top of each other. For the cups our engineers use CAD software, like Autodesk and Solidworks.

    Thanks for the interest in the engineering aspects of the Eikon! Maybe if there's something else I can help you with regarding the Eikon and its components you can send me a PM?
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    ZMFheadphones ZMF headphones hand-crafts wood headphones in Chicago, USA with special attention to exceptional sound and craftsmanship. Stay updated on ZMFheadphones at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  14. gLer
    Thanks Zach. Do you have any particular OTL recommendations for the Atticus? Also, do you use any other ifi products (Micro iDSD specifically) and if so how do they pair with the Atticus?
  15. SHAMuuu
    Thank you sir. To some degree I understand you have a manufacturer, and maybe its a trade secret not to specify exactly where the driver is from, and material composition (to protect from possible counterfeit products). Thats understandable. But that was my curiosity, and well you were the best source to ask. Also, no i would not want you to ruin a driver for my curiosity :p That would be better for an ear to hear! I had assumed, maybe the manufacturer of your driver gave the specs on the biocellulose sheet. You know how it is in the business i bet, especially with companies boasting of diaphragm thinness/stiffness (e.g Hifiman, Focal) etc., so thats why i assumed the numbers were on hand. Maybe if you ever get a dead driver, you can measure and let us know :wink:

    Perhaps, down the road, if you do get the info you can post it here. And if I have more questions i will definitely PM you. But i am also aware you are ready to launch the Auteur, so i won't take too much of your time now as you must be busy. I can say I have great faith in ZMF customer service, thank you for your time. Good Luck with the launch! :o2smile:
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