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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. ProfFalkin
    Does that make the Atticus a pan pizza?
    And... now I'm hungry.   Thanks.
  2. YtseJamer
    Do you think that the Eikon is better than the Atticus with Prog-Metal music ?
  3. JerryLeeds
    I get your mean but I'm an Italian guy from NYC ... thin crust is our thing ... so maybe not the greatest anology
  4. heliosphann
    MMMMM. Headphone pizza...
  5. akg fanboy

    Sorry I'm on a low carb diet, I'll have to go with the ethers! I think the eikons should be compared against the Sony MDR z1r
  6. SHAMuuu
    One of them really looks so close to r10. Wood baffle and all.
    Is the biocell similar to th900 type? Plant based.
  7. Hansotek

    I'll be able to answer that with more certainty in a week or two.
    YtseJamer and xingfei like this.
  8. Soundsgoodtome

    Am I mistaken in seeing you in the Sony thread? If not and you're due to have the new flagship, could you compare it to the Eikon?
  9. Hansotek

    New York pizza doesn't count. That's the Orpheus. I once built an entire vacation around eating pizza at a bunch of different spots in NYC. Best. Vacation. Ever.
  10. Hansotek

    I'm not in that thread, no. I like the new Sony A LOT, but don't have enough listening time with it to make a very meaningful comparison to the Eikon. If that changes, I will certainly let you know!
    Soundsgoodtome likes this.
  11. DoctaCosmos
    I'm curious about the highs. Are either of them able to create a sparkly treble?
  12. swjones3
    How big are these compared to the Audeze LCD's?
  13. Cinder
  14. ProfFalkin
    Sure! Just apply glitter before playing music...

    Sorry, couldn't help myself there. :) I associate sparkle with bright, and I didn't find either one bright. Han, Grizz or Hi might know better.
  15. Hansotek

    Not what I would call sparkley, but definitely not dull either. I would call them linear and balanced, based on what I've heard so far.
    DoctaCosmos likes this.
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