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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. LepakVT
    Thinking about the Cherry Eikon as well
  2. quisxx
    Cherry eikon. Should have more sub bass and less treble thank paduk. Assuming the general hard vs soft wood rule applies here.
  3. Kozic
    Yeah the cherry eikon would be my pick the biocell drivers sold me.
  4. jelt2359 Contributor
    After speaking to Zach the Padauk Eikon seems to have the best technicalities and subbass that is faster and stay out of the way. That's probably the best fit for my tastes :)
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  5. whirlwind
    I would be so excited to hear how these play with your new amp...i am thinking they will play great together  [​IMG]
  6. JerryLeeds
    I know I said I was leaning toward the cherry wood with the Eikon but I'm still wondering if it is the best for me?
    I felt it would be a good counter match to the resolving linear nature of the Eikon. Plus the cherry wood weighs a bit less than the padauk but the padauk will be a bit more durable during its use over time. 
    I've cut & pasted some of the info .... that way it is in one place 
    Cherry, as a lighter wood will have more decay and Padauk will be a touch “faster” with more immediate sound.  The changes are subtle, but noticeable while A/Bing. 
    African Padauk:  Large Pores, Medium/Hard Density.  A "do it all" wood that doesn't disappoint, with classy, bold looks to boot.
    Cherry:  Medium Pores, Softer Wood. Romantic and resolving presentation.   A touch of bloom and warmth for that "je ne sais qois" that you need in your life. Large headstage.
    The Eikon is the Bio-Cellulose driver sound that I’ve always wanted.  Having heard the Sony R10 a couple times I knew that Bio-cellulose drivers have great potential with their “planar like” ambience, dynamic driver impact, texture, extension and smooth yet incredibly resolving nature. To me, this is the full package.
    The Eikon in particular is more sub-bass focused than the Atticus, and is more linear throughout.  I was able to tune the driver with a greater treble presence than the TPE, as it remains smooth because of the bio-cellulose diaphragm.  The result is an ultra-detailed headphone that is still super smooth. 
    The bass has low rumble, and stays out of the way until called upon, and is the perfect amount of “full,” and doesn’t interrupt the mids at all. 
    The mids are a touch lush, but very natural and placed just forward of the rest of the spectrum.
    Overall the Eikon has greater separation than the Atticus, a blacker background, a wider and deeper stage and as mentioned a more linear response.
    Has anyone an opinion of the Eikon vs the new Ether C Flow?
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  7. mwhals

    Me too.
  8. jinxy245
    Now THAT is the $64,000 question, isn't it?
    I'd LOVE to spend some quality time with these....
  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    @JerryLeeds - I prefer the Eikon over the ETHER C Flow, but compared to the ETHER Flow, that's where it gets slightly tougher to choose.  Both are different enough in tonality to choose either based on individual preference, or both if one can't decide and have the financial means to purchase both.
  10. grizzlybeast
    I compared the Eikon to the Flow open and would take the Eikon easily for my tastes. The Flow cuts out some of the Sub bass. It also is less holographic to me than the Eikon but it is clearer and more open. The Lff Code X had better sub bass rumble than the Flow so that was the deal breaker for me on the Flow. However, dynamics on the flow were still great for a planar and the music had decent body sounding more layered than the code x but less spacious than either.
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  11. jelt2359 Contributor

    I don't doubt it! I have two nice OTL amps though so was thinking of using those with the Eikon :) Perfect impedance match.
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  12. DanDorn
    I'm a big Zach/ZMF fan. I own both the Master Model V2 semi-open headphones (an early T50RP mod he no longer makes) and the Blackwoods, which are, IMHO, the most open sounding closed headphones Ive ever had. When Zach anounces a new, proprietary creation, I listen. Can't wait.
  13. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I have a pair of Eikon and Atticus at my house. The Cubs are still in the World Series, and I'm on a vacation. 
    Life is really really good right now :)  
    I'm going to lay low, watch ball games, eat anything I want, and jam the schiit out of these awesome cans. The build quality is incredible. Sounds DAAAAAAYUMMMM good as well. I can't decide which one I like more at the moment. They are true to source in their own ways. They sound always good, but dial them in with the right source and it's easy to see that these cans scale incredibly well. I'm really enjoying the Eikon with a warm source, and the Atticus with a more linear source. 
    Reviews will be up soon. 
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  14. Hansotek
    Both are great headphones. In comparison, I feel like the Eikon has much more body and weight to it than the Ether-C. The Ether-C is more thin, crisp, linear and spacious. The Eikon is more lush, impactful, musical and liquid.
    If they were pizzas, the Ether-C would be thin crust and the Eikon would be deep dish.
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  15. Hisoundfi Contributor
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