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ATTICUS and EIKON, the new dynamic driver headphones from ZMF

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hisoundfi, Oct 1, 2016.
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  1. LoryWiv
    Can't speak to Atticus / Eikon but just reveived my ZMF Omni's and they are stellar for classical music, especially solo keyboard which is my preferred genre. I'm hearing counterpoint / bass lines in Bach more clearly than I ever have but never at the expense of euphonic mids and extended, non-fatiguing highs.
    I'd love to hear your thoughts about Zach's new dynamics for this type of music as well.
  2. AudioSpartan
    Super excited for the Eikon! Just curious -- are there any plans to incorporate the ZMF coin into the design in the future?
  3. Arcamera

    I hope I can oblige! Glad to hear the Omni's are good. Looking forward to trying out the Eikon for classical.
  4. Pharmaboy
    Wow--that's really saying something. Solo keyboard is one of the hardest instruments for any audio system to reproduce well. If there's any tonal abnormalities, you hear it right away. And the dynamics and bass impact can be punishing (it takes real power to convey some of those transients).
    I'd love to see pictures of the new padauk Omni's, if you have any...
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  5. JerryLeeds
    Once the preorder buying window opens ... does anyone know if there will be a choice for the stock cable length? ...
    I see 5.5' & 9' are the current options for buying the stock cables by themselves.
  6. Viqor
    Can't say for sure, but all the current ZMF headphones let you choose between a 5.5' and 10' cable with your choice of termination, so I would guess that similar options would be available for the Atticus and Eikon.
  7. LoryWiv
    With pleasure, and my first impressions of these beauties are posted here.
  8. ithilienrp
    I posted a few photos of my Padauk (which I told Zach to tint them a bit darker/deeper) in the Omni thread. Not sure if you have seen them, but here they are.
  9. Joeybgood
  10. Pharmaboy
    Wow--that's pretty! And if the Omni's work as well as you say on Bach's Well Tempered Clavier...they'll work well on pretty much anything.
    Thanks also to @Joeybgood for more pretty pictures.
    IMO you're both doing everyone on this string a favor, showing what padauk looks like in its normal shade & the darker shade. Since padauk is the only wood option offered on the Atticus & Eikon (at least for now)--and apparently isn't a super-common choice for the Omni's, from what I can tell--this is welcome exposure to it.
    (really pretty wood...)
  11. JerryLeeds
    so what model and wood option is everyone thinking they will order?

    For me the cherry Eikon
  12. Vigrith
    Padauk Atticus, depends on other expenses though might just opt for cherry instead of funds are tight.
  13. ProfFalkin
    Padauk Atticus here.  =)
  14. EternalCoconut
    Question for Zach: If we order later in the pre-order period, how much later would the headphone be finished? Since they aren't being individually tweaked, are we talking about all within the same month, or is order time to wait-time exponential because of potential flow of orders first week?
    As for which one, I'm set on the Eikon for general sound and bass hit, but would like to figure out more of the difference between Cherry and Padauk a bit more before I decide..
  15. jinxy245

    Asking that question after that display of headphone porn just isn't fair.
    (cherry would be my pick if I could swing it.)
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