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Attention Bassheads

    Any scuttlebut on the JVC HA FX11? It's a Japan model evidently. I'm looking to get that or the FX102. I want the heaviest bass and isolation i can find. thanks.
  2. pbui44
    Try to find the JVC Marshmallows (model numbers vary) for bass and isolation. Otherwise, the JVC FX102 have better bass and clarity.
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  3. ladon
    Not sure about your budget, but I've been in love with my Sennheiser CX200 ever since I purchased first pair (maybe 2009?). They are awesome for gym and they do have accentuated bass. Not the best cord, the ear gaskets slip off all the time. I also had to replace the 3.5mm connector on one pair. But I would still buy them if I need replacement. They used to sell these at $20 on sale all the time.
    Very similar design and problems with CX300, however a more neutral sound profile. You choose.
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