Atom amp for Argon Mk3
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Apr 17, 2011
I have the Atom amp and have been enjoying it. I also have the Argons on order. I noticed a reddit thread that said that Ryan at modhouse has an atom amp for his argons. I still am tempted to get a THX, either monoprice/789/SMSL. The question is.... do I really need that much power for the Argons? I currently have m1060c, LCD2, x2HR, campfire, JH 13v2 in ears. I still have my eyes on the T1, mid level Hifiman, ether cx, maybe the Sendy aiva, 1990 pros. So I don’t mind future proofing, but damn the Atom seems so nice. Oh, and I have a topping D30. If there really isn’t a NEED to power the Argons, I am plenty happy with the Atom.
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I'd also like to hear from some people that have used the Atom/Argon combo. I'm using the Emotiva A100 with my Argon Mk2's and it's obviously a great combo. I just wonder if I could get the Atom and have a much smaller and more versatile amp to use with my other headphones/IEM's.
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So I never gave the atom a chance. I sold it and got a 789. I could definitely see that they might have a tougher time powering them. With balanced Argons, I run the 789 on the second setting at about the 12 o’clock position. I would assume that it’s not “needed” but it sure seems helpful. I don’t know which reviewer mentioned that it seemed that the 789 sounded effortless when driving tougher headphones. But, I totally get it now.

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