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ATH-W3000 ANV cable advise, please

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by musicday, May 16, 2012.
  1. musicday
    Hi , now my ATH-W3000ANV have around 120 h burn in and sound better then ever, very datailed sound and big soundstage, beautiful clear bass.My only cons if i can say that will be the cable for beeing too long.I know is standard 3 m, but i will be more happy with 1,5 m cable.
    Any advise, where i can go to authorized AT, to make the calbe shorter or replace it.
    Many thanks,Musicday
  2. Redrider469
    Have you considered tying or braiding it in some way? I think that it looks pretty cool and hey, it's free.
  3. musicday
    Sorry, but what do you mean by tiding it? To keep it as long as it it put some tape on it?
  4. Dyaems
    you can do something like the link below but not exactly like what but the idea of 'tying' the long cable is there. can find the exact wordings in youtube so pardon me.
  5. Redrider469

    I mean to say to keep it the same length, just tie knots in the cord to make it shorter. No tape needed
  6. musicday
    Sorry man but that is plain silly and will not work with the ATH cable becouse is too long and thick.
  7. Dyaems
    I did similar 'tying' of cables with my k240m before, those cables are thick as well, but it sure looks ugly though :frowning2:
    I guess youre better off having it reterminated. :)
  8. musicday
    Any advice where i can get the cable relaced with 48''?Maybe a 3,5 mini jack too?
  9. MattTCG
    Send Chris_himself a pm. He does good work around here...
  10. Zombie_X Contributor
    I can help as well. I could easily chop the cable down a bit and put on a nice 1/4" plug.
  11. lmswjm
    I also have the W3000ANV. It has the nicest stock cable with the most beautiful plug I have ever seen. There is no aftermarket cable that could replace it without diminishing its value. If you chop the stock cable in half, you probably will also chop its value in half as well. Just my 2 cents. If you’re good with that, happy choppin’ then!
  12. nanaholic
    I second not cutting the cable.  
    What's wrong with curling it around a bit and then use a valcro or plastic tie to hold it together? I do that with my old W1000x at the plug end so the bundle of the cable rests on the table and leave enough slack for normal use.  If you only have a rack and no horizontal flat surface then stick a plastic hook on the rack and hang the bundle of cable there, much less surgery (which can't be undone either) involve.
  13. khoi14021993
    Third. It's long indeed but isn't the cable originally tied together with a cheap band? I keep it there with every headphones with 3.0m cable I buy, so the cable length is only about 1.5m or so.

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