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ATH-W1000X Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by sokolov91, Apr 25, 2010.
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  1. Mshenay Contributor
    some one should post that on the first post, for referance 
  2. dyang
    "Not having the rubber ring WILL create vibration."  At high volume, bass response will vibrates the wooden cups like heck.  I know it's really frustrating and time consuming but go back and double check your work. If you say that the rubber ring is broken, I'm certain that that's where the noise is coming from "wood on metal". 
  3. graphic
    it was tore apart, then I use the glue from dynamat to glue it back together, so I do still have the rubber ring
    it might not work properly as before tho
  4. Bill-P
    Did you glue the rubber ring to the metal frame, or did you... glue the wood?
  5. graphic
  6. graphic
    I'll upload pics of my right cup
  7. Bill-P
    Well, then I'd suggest gluing the rubber ring to the plastic enclosure.
    It shouldn't matter if it's not attached to the bottom half rubber ring anymore, but it's pretty important that you have it in between the wood and plastic enclosure.
    Oh, and the yellow fiberglass material is also pretty important to cleaning up the sound. If you take all that off, you'll lose a lot of control and cleanliness.
  8. graphic
    where is the plastic component? I see black metal ring on wood cup and dark brown metal frame showing on the photo,
    for the yellow foam, I still use it but I think it was compressed/collided with force, i emailed a guy who might sell w1000x parts, still waiting..
  9. graphic
    also, I'm guessing that rubber ring might not be a big of deal cuz when you screw the headphone back together its gonna be tight
    the problem could be on the yellow fiberglass foam, its so light and delicate, a tiny malfunction could create vibrate
    just guessing .....
  10. Fearless1
    It is the weekend, he should get back to you on Monday.
  11. Bill-P
    That dark brown frame is actually plastic. Or at least, I am sure it's not metal.
    And the "foam" is actually fiberglass. That's why you keep hearing people say " don't breath it in!" If you do, those glass pieces may get to your lungs and start doing some cutting... Definitely not what you want to imagine.
    And the fiberglass is supposed to be compressed/collided. As far as I know, the compression is there to make sure the material is as dense as can be, and it also exposes a part of the wooden enclosure to open air with the drivers so that a part of the sound can be "colored" with the wood. Basically, it's the default dampening material that Audio Technica uses. And it's damn good as well.
    In most cases, though, due to resonance, the wood will always have an effect on the sound, whether you dampen it (with fiberglass, Dynamat, etc...) or not. That's why purrin's mod works. Adding in more dampening material (like Dynamat) will reduce that resonance and clean up the sound. But it's impossible to take it away completely for a closed headphone.
    Theoretically, it may also be possible to put more of that fiberglass in and make the sound even cleaner than with Dynamat. Sadly, I haven't been able to procure a healthy stock of that fiberglass material, so I never got around to that. And then there's the fact that at some point, you'd dampen the enclosure enough that the rest of what you're hearing would just be the base sound signature of the drivers.
    And personally, I don't quite like the peaky treble that the drivers produce. If I could have it my way, I'd take the drivers of the ES10 and replace the drivers of the W1000X with them instead. Now that'd be quite a project. Maybe I'll obtain a pair of broken W1000X these days and attempt that.
  12. graphic
    fresh photos, heartbroken :frowning2:(
    the moment i opened it
    this is what happened
    where I use dynamat glue to "tape" it
  13. Mshenay Contributor
    :[ I'm sorry to see that, I can imagine the tore in half FiberGlass is the source of that sound. I do had my rubber ring spilt in half... but when I screwed it back together it got all snug again
  14. emertxe
    W1000x are beautiful headphones... I always liked them the most from the whole AT line :)
    So do you think it's possible to repair the graphic's pair?
  15. Bill-P
    That looks okay to me. Doesn't look like there could have been anything that would cause any undue vibration.
    The fiberglass would be compressed, and when so, that gap would "magically" vanish. If the fiberglass was loose, then you'd hear more high frequencies.
    At this point, I'm kind of at a loss as to what's causing that noise you're hearing at high frequencies. I've driven the W1000X to ear splitting levels and I've never heard that harsh treble.
    Does that happen on both channels or just very specifically on one channel?
    Oh, and also, when you put the ear cups back on, make sure not to tighten them too much. Doing so would make the ear cups go in too deep, and then you'd block out the openings that are there to tune low frequencies. Blocking those ports is okay, but I don't think that's what you'd want.
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