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ATH W-1000X with J$ pads BIG PRICE DROP

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by seqasim, Aug 15, 2014.
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  1. seqasim
    For Sale
    Adapted from the previous listing that I purchased from: http://www.head-fi.org/t/670477/sold-audio-technical-w1000x-with-purrin-mod-and-j-j-money-leather-earpads
    BW P7 + cash
    Maddogs Pro 
    Up for sale is a pair of Audio Technical W1000X with "purrin mod" and J$ leather earpads.
    Headphones are in excellent condition, less than 40 hours on them & I'm the second owner. There is one slight scratch in the varnish on the left earcup, near the audio-technica logo. I tried to capture it in the photo but it's too hard to see as it's just on the surface of the varnish rather than in the wood.
    Headphones include the ATH-W1000X "purrin mod". This mod increases the speed of the headphone and tightens up the bass. Since dynamat is very difficult to remove, I used Quake Hold instead. Quake Hold is similar to blu tack and was recommended to me by an inmate on audioasylum, as being better than blu tack. The mod is completely reversible - if you'd like, just let me know and I'll reverse it before shipping to you. However, I'd suggest you try it first as it's a nice improvement IMHO. See link below:
    I'm selling these W1000X as a set with the J$ leather earpads as they provide a noticeable improvement to the W1000X and are very hard to find (out of production). The J$ earpads are more comfortable than the stock pleather earpads and they also  provide a better seal. As a result, sibilance is non-existant bass extends further than with the stock pads. The combo of the purrin mod & J$ earpads transform this can into an all-rounder with incredible detail, wide sound stage and deep/fast bass. Read more about the combo in 3X0's review:
    The cheapest online price is $450 from Buydig for the headphones alone. Get these with the J$ earpads and purrin mod for only $350 shipped! to ConUS (including PayPal fees)!
    PICTURES are also from previous owner, but headphone is in exactly the same condition.
  2. Mshenay Contributor
    these are a really great headphone sorry to hear your selling them!
  3. Vortaku
    subscribed, I really SHOULDN"T buy these! Though if they don't go away soon i may!
  4. qaminh
    Umh can i ask a question? That mod W1000x can fit right with many kind of music such as pop, vocal, vocaloid and especially Instrumental such as Epic music (two step from hell, immediate music...) ? I'm interested in the treble and bass (not as much as basshead) .
  5. azeral
  6. seqasim
    Still up for sale! 
    Please communicate through PM - I don't check headfi enough to keep up with posts in this thread :)
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