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Ath-M50 vs. V-Moda LP2 vs. V-Moda M-80

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by majorbukaki, Jan 9, 2012.
  1. MajorBukaki
    I am new to this site and am just beginning to truly emerse myself into listening to music on ACTUAL worthy headphones (not apple earbuds).  After doing a lot of research and listening to headphones myself in stores I have came to the conclusion that Beats are just too expensive for what they provide your ears.  My question to you is, I have narrowed my search down the 3 pairs as I stated above.  Which pair will give me the best bang for my buck? I will be using them for around the house, at the gym, and plugging into my amp for my guitar as to not annoy everyone in my apartment complex.  I realize that I might be "that guy" at the gym wearing full sized earphones but I could care less what others think because the music gets me pumped to lift.  I already ordered all three from amazon and will ship the other two back when I make my decision.  Just wanted to see your thoughts from true audiophiles.  

  2. aman1420
    M-80 if you want on-ear, ATH-M50 for over ear. I haven't heard great things about the LPs aside from them being bass-heavy, sloppy, and rolled off in the highs. However, there is a revised version, the LP2, which I don't know much about, aside from the fact that its supposed to be a more refined version of the LP...if that's possible?
    Anyway, I have the M-80, and I think it's wonderful; though the initial break-in period for the memory foam is a little painful, it's worth it; as for the sound, the bass is full-bodied but not overpowering, the mids are liquid, and the highs are accurate, though lacking sparkle. Overall, they are great. They're also virtually indestructible.
    As for the M50, expect better isolation than the M-80, but slightly recessed mids and slight bass emphasis. They can be comfortable or not depending on your head. They're also pretty durable as well, but don't have a removable cable like the M-80s do.
    In conclusion, go for the M-80s. Durable, removable cable, comes with a case, portable, customizable, comfortable (after break-in), wonderful to listen to, stylish, and a great value for the money. I have a pair myself, and I love them [​IMG]
  3. MadMike
    +1 for M-80s. I own the M50s and my son has the M-80s- they are just more enjoyable to listen to. Everything aman says about the M-80s is accurate- I am always asking my son if he brought his M-80s with him when he visits!
  4. Kagelou
    I have some size-comparison pics of the M80s and M50s here if you want to take a look
    I personally wouldn't use the M80s at the gym because I don't think the clamp force is enough to hold them on your head while running. Then again, I have heard many people say they use these while running, so it may just be that my head is small haha
    I would say that although both headphones are great, the M80s would be a better bang for the buck. You can use them outdoor and indoor, and they sound great! I used to use my M50s outside and they were fine, but the M80s are much smaller and lighter.
  5. Standarddeviate
    I realize that this is 3 months too late, but for the gym I'd go HD25-1 ii. They're lighter, sound great, and have a splitting headband to help keep them on your head. I have the M50, and with the headband on the smallest setting, they start to slide off when I look up or down. The only downside to the HD25-1 ii's aside from their price (~$185). Is that they're harder to drive. They sound better with a little amplification such as a Fiio e6. Hope this helps.

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