ATH M50 Mod Thread

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  1. Koschei

    Every time I've had that problem, it was backed up by lower-than-expected voltage going through the connection, as verified by a multi-meter. Aka, bad joint, which requires re-soldering. I'd replace the jack anyway, though, if only to give you better loops to work with on the second attempt.
  2. daltonlanny
    Sorry to revive an old thread.
    I recently tried out a bunch of aftermarket earpads on my Audio-technica M50X.
    Including stock, Hifiman pleather and velour, Dekoni elite velour, Brainwavz HM5 hybrid, ZMF Ori perforated pads, and Mr.Speakers Ether C angled pads.
    None of them stood out, or improved the sound, except one pair, imho.
    Most actually degraded the sound one way or another.
    The only pair that actually somewhat improved the sound was the Mr. Speakers Ether C angled pads, believe it or not!
    They fit a little big, so I used double-wide tape to help seal them.
    The bass is tighter, boominess is greatly reduced, the bass doesn't bleed into the lower mids with them, the sound has slightly more body, and is more coherent top to bottom, and the soundstage is wider.
    Bass, and the highs are slightly reduced, but that is a plus in my book, as they sound less V-shaped.
    There is still a peak around 2 khz or so, and they lack refinement with these or any pads, but I feel that overall the sound is improved over the stock pads, not huge, but noticeable.
  3. critofur
    I'm always happy to see new posts to old threads - can't stand it when people complain about that.

    Nice information. WOW those Mr. Speakers pads are crazy expensive for just pads!

    How do they sound compared to your AKG K340 and Sony MDR-V6 headphones?
  4. daltonlanny
    No idea.
    I haven't owned those two headphones in years.
  5. critofur
    Oh, sorry, in your signature it shows those - I thought those are the headphones you own.
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