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ATH M50 for Portable Use - Coiled or Shorten a Straight Cable?

  1. rklein
    I am brand spankin new to this forum.  Very nice and informative site!!  I have settled on buying a pair of ATH M50's which will be used for portable use with a newly acquired J3.  I have read that a good number of people think that a coiled cable is best for portable use.  However, I think I might be more comfortable in getting a straight cable version and just shortening it up and reterminating it with a Nuetrik or a Switchcraft plug.  In addition, no vendor has the coiled M50 in stock, whereas I can pick up the straight cable version immediately.  I would certainly appreciate anyone's thoughts on this subject.
  2. Pianist
    Just get the straight cable version. It sure is more convenient for portable use than the coiled one - lighter and less prone to getting caught on things and yanked.
  3. joehalo
    I have the coiled version. Its a good length if you plan to put your player in your pocket while listening.
  4. JamesMcProgger


    my guess is the straight will have to be wrapped/unwrapped when you dont need/need the extra length
    also, this slappa case works like a charm with the m50
  5. eiop
    Coiled cables are annoying as hell to use on the go. They weigh down the headphones significantly. Go with the straight if you're planning to do any sort of walking around with them.
  6. Pianist
    ^ Exactly.
  7. rklein
    Thanks for the responses.  I will probably go the straight cable route and if I feel they are too long, I will just shorten them up and put a new plug on them.
  8. JamesMcProgger
    for that matter make it detachable
  9. rklein


    Could you elaborate please?  Make the cable fully detachable from the cans?
  10. JamesMcProgger
    Yeah, that is waht i meant, it would be like soldering a 3.5mm jack, and pointing it out where the cable exit the cup
    i have done this with other headphones, idk what would be the case for the M50, the cup looks like it can have room enough for it.
    if success, al you will need is a 3.5 mm to 3.5mm standars interconnect, you could make one, or buy at any desired lenght
    edit: smaller ones
  11. Smallville
    I'm currently using a coiled cable M50 for going to class and stuff. It's not too bad but I have no room to tuck the coiled part. I think either one would do just fine but the straight cable would need to be bound.
  12. klanse
    I just ordered the coiled version because i don't want extra wires swinging around. With coiled version it would be a lot tidier especially for lazy person like me. I'll see how it goes when i got it.

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