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ATH-ES7 discontinued.

  1. Hanafuda
    According to bhphotovideo.com

  2. dethklok
    oh no. I ordered a pair from buydig.com last week, and I just checked their website and they are no longer selling them. I hope they come in or i'm gonna be pissed.

    Thats weird how they are discontinued.
  3. earthpeople
    Interesting. They are still listed at the AT website though.
  4. Aslan123
    This is surprising if true. I emailed Audio-Technica asking for confirmation, although they never got back to me in the past when I had a question.

    If anyone is on the verge of buying these, Amazon.com still has a number of sellers with the ES7 in stock in both black and white.
  5. JakmanFirby

    They better bring out something for the same price which looks cooler [​IMG]
  6. shigzeo Contributor
  7. JakmanFirby
  8. Aslan123
    I got a reply from Audio Technica. According to them, the white version of the ES7 is discontinued, but they presently have more than 1,000 of the black version ready for shipment.

    I don't think anyone will have any trouble buying the black ES7 but if you want the white version, it might be best to get it soon.
  9. MomijiTMO Contributor
    Who wants the white version though.

    I do have one, bought it cheap because it was white hahaha.
  10. Aslan123
    Probably why they're phasing the white one out. [​IMG]
  11. Hanafuda

    Originally Posted by MomijiTMO /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Who wants the white version though.

    I do have one, bought it cheap because it was white hahaha.

    I have the white. My wife's suggestion, cuz I've got gray hair. I laughed when she said that was the way for me to go, but once I put 'em on I realized she was right. I think my next purchase should be a K701 or some light-gray Beyers. [​IMG]
  12. MomijiTMO Contributor
    Haha, nice story mate. Well I do look weird with white headphones and dark brown hair. . .. Oh well, who cares [​IMG].
  13. kim-jong-il
    hmm quite disappointed too... i was about to buy a pair as well.... :|
  14. simmsa
    I wonder if this means that they are going to release an updated version of the ES7s?
  15. azncookiecutter
    Could it be BH not stocking the ES7s anymore? Seems pretty standard practice for websites to list something discontinued because they won't carry it anymore.

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