ATH-CK7, step up from MD33S ?
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Jun 28, 2005
As the title suggests, looking for something to replace the sharp HP-MD33S in-earphones. I like the sound of the sharps for a highly portable solution, plus, they're fairly sturdy for this type of earphone. The Sharp's are the around the back of the neck/one side longer than the other variety for remotes - are the AT's of equal length from each ear?

Are the Audio Technica's either a step up in sound or build quality? Or a step down for that matter?

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The CK7 are Y corded, both sides are the same length. As for being a step up or a step down I can't decide for you but to me the CK7 is at the top if not the top of the dynamic canalphone heap. It does the Etymotic sound so you get accurate bass instead of boomy bass, heck the CK7 sounds like a ER6i to me.

The titanium is definitely a step up though.

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