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ATH-AD900 + FIIO E7+E9 COMBO opinions?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by aman1420, Nov 10, 2011.
  1. aman1420
    Hi everyone.
    I'm brand-spanking-new to the whole audiophile/hifi/spending-money-on-headphones-and-amps-because-you-actually-value-the-sound-quality-of-the-music-you-listen-to/etc. hobby. I've been doing some research here and there, and finally settled on the Audio-Technica ATH-AD900 headphones for home usage. Though I'm not a basshead, I did read that pairing these with an amp does give the bass a little more presence/warmness/etc., so I figured I'd go ahead an buy an amp along with them. This lead me to the discovery of the Fiio e7/e9 amp combo, which would work perfectly for me (I tend to move around the house quite a bit which calls for a portable amp, but I do have an office-ish area for serious work where I could set up a desktop amp. The fact that the two can be docked together is a super bonus)
    With all of that said, what do you guys think? Does this initial setup sound pretty good for a budding audiophile? Any alternatives you would suggest? Perhaps a different set of headphones/different amp(s)?

  2. MalVeauX
    The AD900 is a decent headphone, so if that's what you want, go for it. They're low impedance headphones, you do not need a powerful desktop amp for anything for them. A big desktop amp will not magically add bass to the headphone either. Also, the power from it isn't going to cause anything more than just the portable amp will. Again, these headphones don't require big power. I don't think spending nearly $200 on the E7/E9 is worth adding "a punch" to the AD900. I would suggest if your budget is that good, you should get a different headphone that simply does everything without trying to enhance it with an amplifier, so to speak.
    I would instead put you on the Fischer Audio FA-011, and then just keep your FiiO E7. You'll get all sound that you're looking for, but with a good bottom end that makes it complete and competent for all music types. On your budget, another headphone to consider would be the Beyer DT880 PRO and perhaps even a used Sennheiser HD600 or used Hifiman HE-300. I would consider these before spending $400 on the AD900+E7/E9.
    Very best,
  3. aman1420
    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I'll be asking for the amp as a christmas present (though I doubt I'll get the E9, probably just the E7...I may get the E9 in the future depending on what I read, but it would seem the E7 is more than enough for now.)
    That leads me to my headphone budget, which is about $200 (I can go a little over....proof of which is my purchase of the AD900 for $211 a few days ago.)
    I'm really just looking for an open-back set of cans that work well for some rock, alternative, classical, orchestra, etc. Maybe some pop too.
    I read about the HD598, but I was concerned about durability, as well as the "veil".
    As for the amp, just something that's around $100 or so that is of decent quality.
    Based on this criteria, I ended up deciding on the two, the AD900 and the E7.
    Keep in mind, I'm definitely not a basshead, and am really just looking for a great midrange.
    Sorry about the lack of elaboration earlier in regards to my budget. If only I had a bit more leeway, I could've gotten the HD600....sigh.
    However, seeing as how I don't have much experience with headphones to begin with, I think spending as much as I did is already pushing it, hehe.
    I didn't want to turn this thread into one of those threads, but it looks like that's what it'll end up being......[​IMG]
  4. MalVeauX


    The HD598 has no veil. The HD650 is the only one that is dark and veiled. The HD598 and HD600 are far from veiled. The HD598 is actually a headphone that would do well for you.
    The E7 will do everything you need, so I'd just stick with that for now and it lets you keep portable.
    Seeing as how you already bought the AD900, I hope you either like it a lot, worth the $200, or hope you can return it if you don't like it. In which case, again, see the list above of recommendations for you.
    Very best,
  5. phileguy
    Sir i completely disagree with you about the audio technica ath-ad900 as you will never find the accuracy, detail,intimacy,sounstage.mids,highs and low are exacttly where they are supposed to be.My set of cans are sennheiser hd 650,beyerdynamics dt 990 pro,akg k701,m50, ultrasone edition 8 and my beloved ath-ad900.Without amp and with amp just better than the rest of my cans.It is the most natural sounding cans i have ever owned and best overall with the right source and recordings.Only my ultrasone edition 8 beat it slightly soundstage wise.I listen to music average 8 hours a day and i trust my ears better than anyone.Some websites that do reviews are just front for brands and the best way is to audition headphones before purchasing as all high end headphones they need significant playing time aka burn in period to loosen up drivers and components.You have to listen to all genres of music some headphones just shine in one but not everything.My beyerdynamics dt 990 pro is good for intruments but not on vocals predominant songs as they  have pirecing highs and recessed mids,they are not flat,neutral and balance just a v shape eq emphasis on lows and highs.My second favorite is the akg k701and sennheiser hd 650 because they are flat,balance and neutral.i listen to music w/o eq i let my headphone do the work with amp and w/o amp.

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