ath-ad500 vs. ath-ad700 vs. hd555 vs. hd595 vs akg k240s
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Feb 22, 2009
I'm about to purchase my first full-size cans and so far I've narrowed it down to the following: ath-ad500, ath-ad700, hd555, hd595, akg k240s. I was able to listen to the k240s and they sounded pretty good, but they're not quite comfortable. I listen to quite a bit of classical music so clarity is important, but I also listen to hip hop and electronica as well. Perhaps the community can help me make the right decision.
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These polls are useless, people who haven't heard all of the above stated headphones aren't qualified to vote. It's just a big popularity contest. You can't compare against things you haven't heard. People just end up voting for whichever headphone they have.
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I voted for the AD700 having listened to them, the HD555 and 595 the AD700 for SQ was the best but not mosdt comfortable as they were to loose on my head and they were a bit itchy, for comfort the HD595 was better. Both HD595 and AD700 were much better SQ wise in comparison to the HD555. I do not know about the other two as I have not had a chance to listen to them.
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Agree with jaguer272.

Listen the AD700 first, it may not suit your needs at all. Lack of bass won't be fun for electronica/hip hop.
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^ That really depends on what you find fun. A good amount of what I listen to falls under IDM/glitch, and my AD700 are wonderful there (as they are with all my music).
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I ended up with getting the k240s since that was the only set of cans I could sample before buying. I still might get the the AD500 later and do a direct comparison.

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