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ATC speakers

  1. J-Pak
    Has anyone here heard ATC speakers?
    I am considering either SCM50 or SCM100, more than likely the active models. My room size is large-ish and well treated.
    Dealers are pretty far away from me so I'd like to hear some feedback before making the trek out to hear them.
  2. darrenyeats
    Please define largish. The main differences between the 50/100/150 models are: their overall size; the volume of the bass enclosure in particular; and the bass driver size. Therefore in terms of performance, the main difference is how loud they can go whilst providing undistorted bass. Otherwise they are similar in terms of design, technology and ability. So it depends mainly on the size of the room and your preferred listening levels.
    I would definitely go active, like you say.
  3. J-Pak
    About 22'x15'
  4. darrenyeats
    Hi J-Pak,
    Mine is a dedicated room, 18'x9.5' and I use 50s because they are the ones that fit in.
    If I were you I would listen to both. I don't know if your room is dedicated or if there is other furniture in there etc. If 100s fit in, why not go for them.
  5. buson160man
     I have heard the 100 actives about five years ago in a large loft and the sound was just awesome.The salesman played a count basie recrding and it sounded like the band was literally in the room.The 100s can play at very realistic volume levels and very cleanly with no hint of distortion or compression.They sold for 17 thosand dollars at that time but I think they go for over 25 thousand today.Ooouuuucccchhhh!!!!!
    The loft was larger than the room size you quoted by a fair amount.So I am sure they will easily meet your expectations.But the scm 50 is a pretty able speaker as well though not quite the 100 or 150.But for a room of your dimensions it should work very well.
  6. J-Pak
    Thanks, so I take it their imaging is pretty good?
  7. darrenyeats
    Recommended distance from side wall is about 1 metre. It seems you will manage this so, based on personal experience, imaging ability will be very good. Even in my narrow room the imaging ability is satisfactory. Obviously, the sound stage depends on the recording.

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  8. J-Pak
    Thanks Darren. One last bump and I'll let the thread die into the abyss.
  9. buson160man
    I know this is over a year ago but the atc speakers do image extremely well.
  10. Lorealjanee
    Atc scm 50a compare to atc scm 50a pro is any difference in sound, or there is only different design?

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