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At what age can I get a custom IEM?

  1. daniel521
    I'm just turned 17, and I'm a bit worried that if I get a CIEM, mh ears will continue to grow, and therefore I will no longer be able to use it. Does anyone know at what age your ears stop growing so that I could get my first custom in-ear monitor?
  2. kenman345
    Your ears are constantly growing/changing through life. I would say you should wait till around 20 or so, that is when the rest of your body will likely have slowed/stopped growing so much. I got mine as a 21st birthday present to myself and I love them but indeed my ears have changed a lot from my original impressions due to a lot of weight loss soon after. They still fit nice and snug but if I got new CIEMs the impressions would look drastically different on the inner ear section. These are some of the thing you need to be aware of when you decide at a young age to get monitors. 
    I recommend custom sleeves for your IEM's now so that you save some money and still get a lot of the advantages you were looking for.
    Other options include CIEM's with soft canals or what my CIEMs have which is hyper-coating on the tips that get more snug when they are inserted.

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