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Asymmetric in-ear buds for around 35-40$

  1. Kizsde
    Hi All,
    I'm pretty new here and would like to hear your guys' opinions. I live in Eastern Europe and I'm not that of an audiophile, still I'd like to have a relatively cheap but decent earphone. My main criterias are that it should be an in-ear one and the cord should be asymmetrical (or J cord, whatever they call it) and shouldn't cost more than 35-40$.
    Previously I had a Pioneer SE CL21M-J-K, but the cord broke at the base of the plug, so now I can't hear anything.
    I listen to all types of music (rock, electronic, ambient...the only exceptions would be hardcore techno and house I guess), so maybe a well balanced earphone would be the best. I was pretty satisfied with the sound quality my Pioneer produced, so I'm not looking for one that meets the highest standards.
    Also I'd prefer the better known brands, as I can mostly buy those from the shops in my country and ordering from global webshops like amazon would be a bit complicated for me.
    Apologies if I kinda sound noobish, but I asked around in my regional forums, but could not get any advice, so I'm trying my luck here.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. ZARIM
    The Sony EX310 are great punchy bass J cord in earphones with good clarity and fairly widfe soundstage.
  3. Kizsde

    Thanks for the suggestion, I have checked it and it seems I can get it at a few places, not too many though. How does it compare to the Sennheiser CX 300-II? It is more popular here and found a lot of positive feedbacks on it.
  4. macbug
    why not try the ever popular Sony MH1C?
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  5. soundstige
    Obviously the MH1C. I almost thought this thread was a gag post just to talk about them.
  6. Kizsde

    Thanks a lot guys, I think I will check this out as well, seems to be a nice one with fair price. Also, this should work with any "normal" MP3 player, right?
  7. soundstige
    Yes, it works 100% with "normal" MP3 players that have never tried to make use of a fourth contact point on the plug (mic, controls, etc.) The only issue is when you have an old phone that used a different set of rules for that fourth contact point than newer phones do.
  8. conkerman
    Buy a new plug for your pioneers??
  9. Kizsde
    Thanks for the clarification, I'm pretty convinced now that I'll get an MH1C :) Seems to be a blast for the price.
    Well I was actually thinking recently about "upgrading" my earphones anyway, as the Pioneer was getting a bit weatherbeaten.
  10. conkerman
    Yay for new kit :)
    VSonic GR04/06 have adjustable nozzles. Will have to be an eBay or similar purchase. They are great phones.
  11. Kizsde

    Yay indeed :) By the way, that Vsonic seems pretty cool too, but I think it would be a bit pricey for my right now. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  12. Kizsde
    Well just ordered my MH1C yesterday due to the suggestions and reading only good about it. Luckily I'm a fan of J-cords so for me this is the ideal IEM for the price.[​IMG] Thanks for the help guys!
  13. Kizsde
    Just got my MH1C and I must say the difference is quite remarkable to my old Pioneer. Honestly I have recognized new instruments and other layers of music in the songs I listen to regularly. I have no idea about the more "professional" IEMs, but for me this is perfect! Thanks again for all the suggestions, I probably would not have found out about this little gem if it wasn't for this forum. Cheers!
  14. soundstige
    Awesome! Enjoy :)
  15. atomikn00b
    another satisfied customer.
    good job people.

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