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ASUS Xonar Essence STX II

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by blackbird09, Mar 6, 2014.
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  1. Webber1
    That's it than....It is horrible in the first 24h and I found bearly listenable after 48h....try them again put them in the pc you dont use (if you can) and leave the playlist on loop for days....they get better each day, reveal more and more...finaly they get warmth and good bass at the end and after a month they do not change anymore...massive improvement on stx
  2. San Man
    Any impressions so far between the two?
  3. Jonathan Crouch
    The V6 Classic are not the same kind of upgrade the V5, or V6 Vivid are. I’ve owned 3 different Essence STX cards. (STX I and 2 STX II’s.) and I can assure you both the V5’s and V6’s make a *world* of difference.

    I will also say I bought a Burson Play and after hearing that with 5 V6 Vivids I will not go back to another STX again period.
    There isn’t even a comparison.

    If you were playing a sandbox atmospheric like Skyrim you go from the Whoosh Whoosh (breeze sounds) to sounding like your standing inside a blizzard that’s threatening to swallow you whole. Assuming you’ve got a decent pair of headphones for it. I personally use the HD700

    I haven’t had a chance to try the Burson Foreplay which is a improved Play unit.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2019
  4. nadtom
    The NU audio card is arrived, but I need to get built a Sata power connector for that. I have only Molex power connector free in my audio pc, but there is no 3,3V. (I have tested and the NU audio card doesn't work without 3,3V.)
    If I have any news I will write to here.
  5. nadtom
    I didn't realize huge benefit with Burson opamp's (not with Classic V6 & Vivid V6). Can be, I have made a misstake - as Webber1 said - and I didn't leave it burn in. The downgrade was so big with Burson opamp (also with Vivid) at the beginning, that I couldn't see any chance.

    I discussed with a guy who meassured the STX II card and he said, the STX let the singal through without any changes, so not color/modify the sound. He said, that the sound will be not better with Burson opamp just different/colored, before I have bought the Burson opamp's. But I didn't believe him...now I see he was right. But it is my opinion maybe in an other sound system Burson opamp can improve the sound (or change it in the right direction)...

    I have ordered HD700 and AR H1 headphone same time to compare them and keep one of them. But for me the AR H1 was significantly better...taste are different. :)
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
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  6. bcschmerker4
    I reviewed the Webpage on the eVGA® NU AUDIO Card, 712-P1-AN01-KR, Lifelike Audio PCIe, RGB LED, Designed with Audio Note (UK) - nVIDIA Corporation had no involvement here, unlike the eVGA® video display adapters (all built on the geForce® family of graphics processing units). The 712-P1-AN01-KR uses an AKM AK4493 DAC rated for 123 dB S/N, up to 384 kHz 32-bit PCM, and up to 11.29 MHz DSD. ADI plug-in dual amplifiers (JEDEC 8-pin DPI) are used: one AD8056 at the line-level buffer, and one OP275 through a Maxim DS1822 attenuator at the headphone output. This audio card may force a power-supply upgrade, as all too many systems nowadays have no +3.3VDC to the secondary storage harness - a violation of the Serial ATA specification.

    I retrofitted Antec® power supply units to several of my house's rigs, as these products meet all relevant standards. Both my ASUS® CM1630 and a LinUX rig in a highly-altered everex® TC2502 case use the TruePower® New™ 750 Blue™, a unit with permanently-attached harness for the motherboard (24-pin), CPU regulator (4+4-pin), and PCIe power to video (6+2-pin) that can be fitted with 3 x 4-pin Molex plus 1 x AMP mini-4-pin (+5, +12VDC) and/or 4 x SATA (+3.3, +5, +12VDC) harnesses at need. In anticipation of projector duty at OMS Japanese Christian Church (Walnut Creek, CA, USA), I've rigged a Gateway®/Acer® DX4822-01 with the more-powerful-yet TruePower® Quattro™ 850, which is similarly flexible to the 750 Blue.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2019
  7. nadtom
    The sound of the Asus STX II soundcard definitely better than EVGA NU Audio card sound. STX II sound very detailed, open, airy, the sound stage huge, vocal vivid, the sound real and musical. No question for me the Asus far better.
  8. San Man
    Thanks for the help. Do you experience any audio delay or lag when watching audio (if you do so) ?
  9. nadtom
    No delay and lag, but what do you mean “watching audio”?
  10. San Man
    Lol typo. Should be video, as in movies
  11. nadtom
    Ok got it. If I watch concerts or other music videos my Yamaha CX-A5100 processor will be used. I use the STX II only for hifi (I do not have 7ch movi card to STXII).
  12. San Man
    Thank you

    When i tried my WM1a as a DAP and watched a video on my desktop, there was a slight delay in audio playback in regards to synching to the video.

    Just curious if the STX does that too.
  13. goodsguys
    HI. How would you describe the sound signature of the muse 01 versus 02.
    The 02 is the more recent chip but seems to have rolled off highs.

    The 02 seems to have better highs but not so lively and energetic.

    Would i be better off using the 02 and applying a little eq to bring out the highs more, to give better sq versus 01.

    What would sound the better out of the two on an stxII card, 02 throught out (including daughterboard)

    or 01. Do you have an opinion. How would it affect the sonic signature.

    Also do you have a source for the muses, where is the best price. I've seen a guy on ebay selling them for £10 with 100% positive feedback. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/100-ORIG...240489&hash=item1c4586c0bc:g:clUAAOSwqu9VNGo5

    Any and all ideas, speculaton, experience most welcome

    Many thanks!
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2019
  14. goodsguys
    Like most here i found the stock of 8920 x 2, and 8820 x 1 a little deficent in the treble.
    Using 8820 x 2 and 8920 x1 seems to bring the treble back,
    does that mean the 8820 is a sharper sounding opamp and 8920 may be a little more bassy.

  15. Webber1
    I used STX II and V6 vivid for 2 years. It's i a great combo as others noted, wide stage, separated instruments with more instrument mass and definition, live performance feel, great dynamics and transparency....however my long term impression is that vivid can be tiring and not so comfortable for longer listening sessions. I always found those highs to be a bit sharp and dynamics to be a bit too intense....i just switched to Burson V6 Classics x2 in I/V stage and V6 Vivid in Low pass filter.....I must say this is great combo !!! it is more enjoyable and musical from the first listening, I got rid from edgy highs, mid range became warmer and fuller, vocals are much better, bigger, closer to the listener and more seductive....more intimate...i noticed instruments got better positioning in 3d than before, maybe just a bit narrower stage....dynamics are a tad more relaxed.....my main impression is that the classic is more easy on the ears, more seductive....at least for my ears on JBL lsr305....although the classic was burned in on friend's Oppo, it took a week to burn it to Stx II i.e. relax and stretch the sound stage and reach refined sound....in this way you also retain certain qualities of V6 vivid compared to all classic combo.......

    So Classic x2 + Vivid x1 is definitely recommended combo on Stx II. Cheers.
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2019
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