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ASUS Xonar Essence One + AKG Q701

  1. WildStyle-R11
    So far up on till couple of days ago...I thought that my AKG's were kinda on the bright side(or whatever might be the term for what I see as a little obnoxious), but as said couple of days ago got Sony MDR-V6 and they both seem to have this overwhelming feeling of too much sound, "interlacing" of sort...My speakers Microlab Solo7c even trough you can hear sort of loads of sound coming out at once, they don't seem to be as obnoxiously "interlacing"...of course all this happening only on more fast music Trap and bass, House, dubstep and such...When listening to something calm, smooth and relaxing it is less noticable if at all...

    In any case even if I can't make myself clear on what my problem is, which I probably haven't done or will in any way. Still, I would like to see suggestions to what sort of op amps should I be looking at to make the amp less uhh of what it is and more calmer or just the way it is supposed to be and let my headphones do the work...

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