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Asus Essence One Headphone Amp/DAC (CeBIT 2011)

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by g-san, Mar 3, 2011.
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  1. Nurgayan
    For me, the option with NE5534A is more preferable. However, it requires an additional element, such as a capacitor to work in I/V stage. In any case, both options are not standard. I bought chips and adapters, and then I did soldering. Purchased electronic components on Ebay, mainly from the seller under the nickname HIFIIC.
  2. raoultrifan
    @grig: Try 4 x original MUSES01 or 4 x MUSES8890.
    Anyway, in case you're using LME49990 now, please swap them with the default LME49720 and let us know if the noise is still there when V5i are used in LPF.
  3. techboy
    I'm selling mine. Check this out:

  4. grig
    i have the original muses and yes it does ! like it does with lme 49990. btw why you recommend the 8890 and not the 8920 ?
  5. raoultrifan
    Typo, sorry. I meant 8920, of course; 8920 is a FET-input opamp designed to be used in I/V stage and it really does a good job.
  6. grig
    a seller on ebay that sells them original for sure ? maybe i give them a try 
  7. raoultrifan
    You should use official channels, you'll definitely find 8920 ad 8820 too. eBay can not be trusted, sorry.
  8. Nurgayan
    On Ebay there are sellers whose reputation earned the consumer's trust. For example, for the purchase of Muses 01/02 and 8920 can turn to gyrocom (Audiotrak).
  9. grig
    gyrocom looks like someone that can be trusted to be honest
  10. Nurgayan
    My confidence in this seller is confirmed by successful transactions ... :)
  11. Pipppero2007

    How i can play dsd files with E1 original in foobar2000?

    Read nany guides but i prefer an advice from you that knows the E1.
  12. mBTX
  13. EternalChampion
    I would like to get some more feedback related to the E1 MKii standard version before I make my final decision: So my question is, whether the mid-bass feels heavy and bricky to you, and also whether the drums strike hard with aggression.

    Whoever owns the STX II and uses it with headphones like the HD600/650 knows exactly what I'm talking about... Equing stuff was unfortunately mandatory to make it listenable.

    So, my general concern here is frequencies sticking out from the rest of the mix in an aggressive manner.
  14. Karllin
    If I use the Essence One Muse as a source to an amp via the XLR outputs, how high should I set the volume on the Muse to get the best sound?
  15. raoultrifan
    @EternalChampion: Basically, sound of MKii is identical with the sound of MKi when playing FLAC/MP3 files (if upsampling feature is not involved).
    There's a lot of feedback on the pages of this thread, so I'm not sure I could say more than all the others that contributed here. Though I would say that upgrading to MKii will resolve the upsampling treble roll-off issue and also adding DoP DSD playback.

    @Karllin: Usually volume should be set to the max. to get the best SNR possible. However, depending on your amp sensitivity, you could adjust the Essence's volume to match your preference.
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