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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. CANiSLAYu
    I had a similar experience today. Mind you I’ve only had the player since Friday and haven’t had too much listening time with it. It’s been fine for the short time I’ve had with it so far, but this afternoon I’ve been experiencing crazy stuttering with Tidal streaming. I’m confident it’s not my home WiFi (1Gb internet). I turned the unit off and back on and everything seems okay again (about 5 songs in). I searched this thread to see if anyone else experienced similar. Hopefully it was a server on Tidal’s end or something and all is resolved.

    EDIT: Okay something’s definitely up. Turns out streaming is fine, it’s tracks that have been downloaded that are having issues. In offline mode some songs aren’t available when I try to play them. Some play fine. The downloaded ones that aren’t available offline, when I play them online they stutter like mad. Removed my SD card and tried again and streams perfectly.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  2. NovaFlyer
    I just upgraded to the APK Tidal 2.11.4 version earlier this week and haven't had any issues on either my SR15 or SP1000M with offline playback. Occasionally I have pauses during streaming, but I also have pauses with the desktop Tidal app as well - I factor in ISP bullcrap as there are times it's takes forever just to load sites. BTW, my connection speed is 200Mbps.
  3. JasonNYC
    I did see on a few Android forums and on Google Play people complaining the past few days with playback issues both online and offline on Android phones. I assume it’s related. I haven’t had a chance to try myself. I will on the players and my Android phone. I will in the morning and reach out to a few of our contacts to see if it is a problem on their end.

    It looks like this just started for a few people, correct? Did anyone notice it after the last firmware update a week ago, or did it start happening days after?
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  4. stephanemtl
    Jason, on my side, the crazy stuttering and unavailability of downloaded songs (in offline mode) started about 3-5 days ago. I did update Tidal (apk) in the last week to its latest version.
  5. CANiSLAYu
    Same issue I'm having (stuttering and some downloaded songs not available in offline mode), but just started today for me (granted I got the player Friday afternoon). I thought perhaps the downloads got corrupted on the SD card. I deleted all the files from the SD card and deleted the cache on the sideloaded Tidal app. This fixed the stuttering issue on the first two albums I tried. Downloading more albums again and will give it a try, but possibly not until tomorrow.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  6. LyrradMoor
    Same issue here with offline using side loaded Tidal 2.11.4. I thought it was just me being a new SR15 owner.

    Whilst I'm at it, how can I control where downloaded titles are saved to? The manual for such a high end product is mediocre at best although I accept this particular question might be a Tidal setting which I cannot seem to find.
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  7. Tsukuyomi
    so i've had my SR15 for about 2 months now... and i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the only complaint i have with it are as follows.

    1. when its plugged in and charging, i can't see how much its charged by tapping on the power button. a bar or even % would be a nice touch.
    2. gets a tiny tiny bit warm under use of only 20-30min while doing nothing incredibly taxing. using power friendly cans with flac 16bit files. nothing crazy.
    3. pointy corners LOL already poked my hand a few times.
    4. bit more battery life.

    but other then these foibles, excellent player, truely truely an excellent player.
  8. CANiSLAYu
    When you're in settings for the sideloaded app scroll down and there's a setting for "Download Destination" and when you tap into it you have the option of Internal or Memory card.
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  9. CANiSLAYu
    Unfortunately deleting, clearing cache and re-downloading tracks does not fix the issue.
  10. atmasphere
  11. dakchi
    There are second hand SR15 for sale in Amazon.fr at a very good price. Hurry-up before they are gone!
  12. JasonNYC
    Tidal just released a new app update today - v. 2.11.5. No info on what it fixes, but if someone could please try the new version and let me know if you are still experiencing the same issues.
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    https://www.facebook.com/astellnkern/ https://twitter.com/astell_kern https://instagram.com/astellnkern https://us.astellnkern.com support.inc@iriver.com
  13. CANiSLAYu
    Link to a reputable site to download the APK? Pure APK still has 2.11.4. I tried 2.11.5 from aptoid, but it doesn't show when I try to install.
  14. ThomasHK
    Just received my 2.5mm balanced cable for my PP8 and SR15.
    Two words: holy **** :astonished:
  15. buonassi
    well, I got mine second hand and it was factory reset before shipping to me. This is the version of Tidal that shows when I look under the services folder from the left slide menu. I've never updated it, nor did I put it there to start with. It may have originally shown in the open service list, along with amazon music, and I remember installing it (the apk) at that point. It could have changed since the last AK firmware update though, I'm not sure.

    edit: is it possible the previous owner side loaded 2.11.0 and that a factory reset didn't delete them?

    The soft buzzing I described originally has happened from the previous firmware version. The current version of firmware has been better behaved actually. But come to think of it I have had issues where I've requested an album be downloaded offline (and it appears to do that) but when I go to play after turning off wifi I get the error that the tracks aren't stored locally (or something to that effect). A removal and re-download of the album fixes the issue. But it happened a few times which I thought a bit strange.

    try holding the power button for a full second, then release it. The device won't power up but the battery level should show. :wink:
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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