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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. rbalcom
  2. IrishAudio
    It’s early 2019. :)
  3. 329161
    Sorry if this has been answered, can the sr15 be used as a USB dac/amp coming from the USB of an android phone?
  4. domho7
    Hi all I am trying to install Spotify apk into sr15. Tried a few times but failed.
    Any kind soul can enlighten on the steps to do it Thanks.
  5. armstrj2
    The Audeze iSine20s are exceptional with the SR15. Worth having a look.
  6. -Kenny-
    Just drag the tidal apk file into the open service folder on the internal memory of the sr15. Then go to services on the device and you should see tidal 2 times. Tap the new tidal file and it will prompt you to install the apk.
  7. spark240
    But he wants to do Spotify ?....though it's the same process, i just did mine recently...
  8. singleended5863
    Do the same with Spotify!
  9. -Kenny-
    Sorry didn't read good i guess. Spotify should be exactly the same ofcourse.
  10. singleended5863
    To my ears Empire Ears Spartans IEM would match perfectly with SR15. :smile_phones:
  11. mmu16
    Also recommend sennheiser IE800's. Fantastic pairing and the bass hits hard and fast. Drake's God's Plan nearly made me fall off my chair
  12. singleended5863
    I wouldn’t suggest IE800 since their cables are stiff (old model) and always falling off your ear canals.
  13. mmu16
    True about the tips man, only propriety tips work on them. I'm super lucky that they fit my ear canals perfect and they never drop out! The cable gets stiffer over time, I just bought a new cable from sennheiser direct (seems like its a revise cable) and its so much better. really pliant.
  14. Trueaudio
    I had the 535's and it worked well, but then I upgraded to 846's, not before testing the Andromeda's and the Audeze. To me ears, the 846's were the nicest!
    armstrj2 likes this.
  15. ThomasCGN
    As it was asked before a short and (afaik) has not been answered:
    Tidal with MQA offline truly is available:
    Download the latest Tidal APK, Copy to the Folder „App Services“ on your SR15, find it in the Services Menu of your SR15 and hit install.
    This will update your Tidal App (keeping all already downloaded music) and allow you to download Tidal Masters Tracks (look for the small M Symbol)
    And... yes: It works like a charm and sound great.
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