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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. .Sup
    Thank you both for answers and link, appreciated!
  2. sandy1010
    Depends on what earphones/headphones you’re driving.

    the main advantage is the extra power from the balanced connection.
  3. sandy1010
    There’s no advantage in going balanced for the Andro’s. In fact there may be a disadvantage. The higher impedance of the balanced output can change the frequency response. Although it’s not a massive difference 1.6 compared to 1.1

    Andros just don’t need the power the balanced output provides.
  4. Double C
    Anybody know where to get the Pandora apk from? Can't seem to find it on apkpure
  5. nekromantik
    are we getting any more updates or is the player now no longer supported?
  6. Double C
    I sure hope not...I just got one..
  7. nekromantik
    im thinking about selling mine and getting R5.
    people who got both say it has more fuller sound as it has more power
  8. Doctordoom16
    I had both, sold the r5. The sr15 is the best portable dap money can by. Size, sound, best of all world's.
    Nope, its not the best dap u can get for this money. There are at least 3 other daps which are better. Please dont mislead people.
  10. Levanter
    Better is subjective to each person, so you are also misleading people by saying that there are at least 3 daps better than this lol
  11. Doctordoom16
    Im stating my personal experience of using the r5 , r6pro, r3, m11 and dx 200.
    For it's it's size and what it does, the sr15 is not only a masterpiece of construction but the perfect size and function. Show me a dap this size that does tidal offline! R6 pro? Nope too big. M11 twice the size? R3? Smaller but no offline.
    So yes in my opinion the sr15 is umatched.
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  12. ce3eoa
    I also have both the SR15 and the R5, the R5 is easer to use, has a nice interface, good battery life, and a standby mode that makes fast to start playing music, and works very well with streaming apps, having android. The SR15 is better sounding, but not by far and has a better form factor, but I don't like the time it takes to turn on, and the difficulty to download apps.

    I use the R5 for traveling, and for streaming, and the SR15 to play digital files.
  13. nekromantik
    People on R5 thread who have both say the r5 is more full in terms of bass. Is that not true.
  14. Dav72D
    The WiFi connection on mine is shocking. Constantly stopping mid song and only works again if I turn WiFi off and on again. Not impressed considering the cost.
  15. Doctordoom16
    If we look at size as the motivated factor here, there is no other dap that is this small that does what the sr15 does. Period. The r5 is bigger. The r3 doesn't do offline tidal
    So given the size and function the sr15 has no peers.
    Now are there daps that are better , yes. My r6pro has superior interface and battery life. And power output. But it's a brick.
    Hands down, the streamlined linterface is Android free. No background bull. Sounds top notch and is small and looks amazing.
    So unless you can show me a comparable sized dap, the sr15 is King in this field as their are no other competition. The ibasso dx160 looked promising but also is too big and it also has Android in it's entirety that sucks battery in the background.
    I want a great form. Check. Basic music player. Check. No bull running around n background. Check. Tital on and offline check. As well as Spotify on and off. Check and double check.
    Sounds great. Double check.
    Could battery life be better. Well maybe. I get 9 hours unbalanced. So I can charge at end of day.
    I don't need Netflix or other time suckers. Music only. That's what it does and does better than anyone else. No competition.
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