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Astell & Kern SR15: A&norma Impressions & Reviews

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pitch_black, Jul 29, 2018.
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  1. imexdanny
    Also - I have started replacing some files with FLAC but there is a lot of WAVs I have that won’t be available in FLAC anywhere. I would have to convert but have no experience doing this...
  2. MadDane
    You can find many free batch converters that will convert ALL of your wave files in the background.

    Do an internet search.
  3. nicodem
    I dont know VOX system at all. Perhaps it keeps metadata in some other external file? Anyway - please use wetransfer so I can also check. Will PM you now.
  4. imexdanny
    Thank you! Will transfer some files to you later.

    I have no idea how VOX works but it’s an app you download on your phone and from a computer / Mac you can upload to your VOX cloud and play via the app on your phone. You can upload WAV, FLAC, AIFF etc and never had a problem with metadata or artwork!
  5. Amish
    I had this same issue. I was using the A&K cable plugged into a USB3 port on my PC. Nothing but issues. I then plugged it into my USB 2 port and it worked perfectly. Now every time I plug it into my PC I use the USB2 port. It has connected perfectly every time since.

    I have to admit, after a week of using the SR15 I am quite disappointed with it. Sounds great with my headphones but the battery life sucks, and when i hook it up via the 3.5mm out to aux in on my car stereo the SQ is fantastic but the bass is very lacking. Now I can tweak my deck to get the bass to a more acceptable level but I hate doing that as when I switch from the SR15 to CD or another source, the bass is then, way too loud. Using it through BT into my deck is much better but still lacks bass...not nearly as much as when using the 3.5mm out though.

    I can use my iphone without issue with my deck and the music sounds good and the bass is deep. So why is it the SR15 can't do that? Because it is the entry level novice player? If it wasn't for that I'd stick with it but this issue is a tuff one for me to swallow, especially with the other problems I have had.

    I'm returning the SR15 and will look for another device to use in my car.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2019
  6. MadDane
    A&K stated that the SR15 is not compatible with usb 3.0 ports (Somewhere on their webpage?).
  7. Amish
    Yes. As I said I found that out. lol, Of course, I wish I knew that before I wasted so much time thinking something else was wrong. Lucky for me my case has two USB 2 ports. Not that it matters any longer, as my SR15, A&K CD Ripper MKII, and A&K case are all going back for a refund tomorrow.
  8. Ninosan
    Questo succede con il cavo originale e altri cavi.
  9. Amish
    The original cables work perfectly fine for me.
  10. noobandroid
    i used on usb 3 hub, works fine though
  11. noobandroid
    english dude, english
  12. singleended5863
    This means:
    This happens with the original cable and other cables.
  13. Ninosan
    I'm sorry, I meant that it happens with the original cable and also other cables.
    I have to try several times, even turn off the SR15 and turn it back on.
  14. Ninosan
    After two months of use, I can state a few things.
    Also for me some things have been disappointing. It must also be said that this is my first portable player.
    First thing great disappointment for the equalizer that is not very incisive and is not active in connection BT.
    You will tell me that if you want to listen to music well you don't use the equalizer ... ok but I don't see this big difference with the samsung S9plus phone.
    You will tell me, of course ... it depends on the headphones. Ok, I bought some headphones and earphones including:
    - Sony WH-1000XM3
    - Audio-Technica ATH-SR9
    - 1MORE Triple Driver
    etc ... but I still don't notice big differences.
    The sound is not as detailed as I read, the low frequencies do not feel dry and clean, the highs do not seem well defined.
    Furthermore, the battery does not last long.
    If it doesn't improve with the next update I think I'll sell it.
  15. sandy1010

    In terms of using it with Bluetooth, there’s no advantage over a smartphone. In fact the smartphone might be better if it has LDAC.
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