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Astell&Kern launches two new player lines at the High End Show 2018 in Munich, Germany

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  1. JLW654
  2. ertemed
    Was wondering if the SR15 has a dedicated dac mode like the previous model. Anyone know about this?

  3. Colors
    So, when will A&K players have TIDAL offline? Read rumours about firmware for Sept. Pretty much the only thing stopping me from getting A&K players. The SR15 sounds really nice. Demo'd it at a local retailer. Very good pocketable size and smooth UI. Very detailed, dark background and clean sound too. Would be a good upgrade from my Cayin N5ii.
  4. kubig123
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  5. bmichels
    A&Norma SR15: What is the difference with the AK70 Mk2 ? Almost Same price, same screen, same size, same weight.... how to chose between booth ?

    -> Are there still good reasons to but the AK70 mk2 instead of the SR15, or will AK70 mK2 fade out ?
  6. Mark2010

    What hifi claim the difference between Ak70 mk2 and the SR15 is like the difference between blu ray and dvd.

    I find that a bit hard to believe,

    If there is a real difference I'd say its more like the difference between standard blu ray and 4k blu ray.


    Last edited: Sep 21, 2018
  7. bmichels
    are there some A&K players supporting Bluetooth 5.0 ?
  8. hfflt
    Is SR15 capable of displaying cover arts embedded in files bigger than 500x500? Anyone can confirm?
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